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tv Naruto
Moments prior to Naruto Uzumaki's birth, a huge demon known as the Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Fox, attacked Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, and wreaked havoc. In order to put an end to the Kyuubi's rampage, the leader of the village, the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed his life and sealed the monstrous beast inside the newborn Naruto.

Now, Naruto is a hyperactive and knuckle-headed ninja still living in Konohagakure. Shunned because of the Kyuubi inside him, Naruto struggles to find his place in the village, while his burning desire to become the Hokage of Konohagakure leads him not only to some great new friends, but also some deadly foes.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
fall 2002 •
finished airing
• 7.93/10
#action #comedy #shounen #martial arts
anime Thunderbolt Fantasy
Thunderbolt Fantasy
In an Eastern-styled fantasy setting, a brother and sister team of sacred guardians is beset by the Xuan Gui Zong, minions of Miè Tian Hai, who seeks the Tian Xing Jiàn sword that they possess. Hai's appearance leads to the defeat of the brother, but his sister, Dan Fei, jumps off a cliff to temporary safety. Later, a wandering swordsman comes across a ruined temple, where a statue of Buddha is protected by an umbrella against the rain. When he takes the umbrella for himself, a man resting under a tree nearby informs him that he must be compassionate to the next traveler he meets as a trade-off for taking the umbrella. That next traveler is Dan Fei, still being pursued by the Xuan Gui Zong minions. Both his promise and the enemy's sorcery leaves the wanderer unable to avoid getting involved. Thunderbolt Fantasy is an original production made with puppetry and stop-motion animation.
summer 2016 •
#action #adventure #fantasy #martial arts
tv Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Following the successful end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konohagakure has been enjoying a period of peace, prosperity, and extraordinary technological advancement. This is all due to the efforts of the Allied Shinobi Forces and the village's Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Now resembling a modern metropolis, Konohagakure has changed, particularly the life of a shinobi. Under the watchful eye of Naruto and his old comrades, a new generation of shinobi has stepped up to learn the ways of the ninja.

Boruto Uzumaki is often the center of attention as the son of the Seventh Hokage. Despite having inherited Naruto's boisterous and stubborn demeanor, Boruto is considered a prodigy and is able to unleash his potential with the help of supportive friends and family. Unfortunately, this has only worsened his arrogance and his desire to surpass Naruto which, along with his father's busy lifestyle, has strained their relationship. However, a sinister force brewing within the village may threaten Boruto’s carefree life.

New friends and familiar faces join Boruto as a new story begins in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
spring 2017 •
• 6.74/10
#action #adventure #martial arts #shounen
tv Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden
It has been two and a half years since Naruto Uzumaki left Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, for intense training following events which fueled his desire to be stronger. Now Akatsuki, the mysterious organization of elite rogue ninja, is closing in on their grand plan which may threaten the safety of the entire shinobi world.

Although Naruto is older and sinister events loom on the horizon, he has changed little in personality—still rambunctious and childish—though he is now far more confident and possesses an even greater determination to protect his friends and home. Come whatever may, Naruto will carry on with the fight for what is important to him, even at the expense of his own body, in the continuation of the saga about the boy who wishes to become Hokage.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
winter 2007 •
finished airing
• 8.2/10
#action #comedy #shounen #martial arts
tv Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Seven years after the events of Dragon Ball Z, Earth is at peace, and its people live free from any dangers lurking in the universe. However, this peace is short-lived; a sleeping evil awakens in the dark reaches of the galaxy: Beerus, the ruthless God of Destruction.

Disturbed by a prophecy that he will be defeated by a "Super Saiyan God," Beerus and his angelic attendant Whis start searching the universe for this mysterious being. Before long, they reach Earth where they encounter Gokuu Son, one of the planet's mightiest warriors, and his similarly powerful friends.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
summer 2015 •
finished airing
• 7.61/10
#action #adventure #comedy #shounen #fantasy #martial arts
tv Ninin ga Shinobuden
Ninin ga Shinobuden
Kaede is a normal school girl who was studying for her exams for school when suddenly she is interrupted by Shinobu, a girl who is a ninja-in-training, attempting to complete her exam. The problem is, in order for her to successfully complete her exam, she must steal one of Kaede's panties!

In Kaede's attempt to stop Shinobu from stealing her panties, an unexpected friendship is forged between the two. Kaede soon becomes engrossed in Shinobu's world, surrounded by partying ninjas and a yellow pac-man like thing by the name of Onsokumaru, who claims to be the master of all ninjas!

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
summer 2004 •
finished airing
• 6.97/10
#comedy #parody #martial arts
ona The King of Fighters: Destiny
The King of Fighters: Destiny
CG anime adaptation of The King of Fighters fighting game franchise.
summer 2017 •
finished airing
• 6.81/10
#action #adventure #drama #martial arts #romance #shounen
movie Ninpuu Kamui Gaiden: Tsukihigai no Maki
Ninpuu Kamui Gaiden: Tsukihigai no Maki
<p>A theatrical edited release of episode 21-26.</p>
winter 1971 •
finished airing
• 5.62/10
#action #adventure #historical #martial arts
tv Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran
Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran
<p>In the Edo or Tokugawa period (1600-1868), Ran, a female wandering samurai whose skill with the katana is only matched by her taste for sake (rice wine), is joined by a chinese martial artist who calls herself Lady Meow of the Iron Cat Fist. Tsukikage Ran has individual episodes that are just short stories of their adventures.</p>
winter 2000 •
finished airing
• 7.15/10
#adventure #comedy #historical #shounen #martial arts
ova Karakuri no Kimi
Karakuri no Kimi
<p>Princess Rangiku lost her entire family to Lord Karimata, who invaded her home seeking her father's life work, puppets with unique capabilities. As her duty, Rangiku sets out with three of her father's greatest puppet warriors to seek revenge. She can manipulate these to battle the strongest of warriors, however manipulating the puppets leaves her own self vulnerable to direct attacks, so she seeks a ninja warrior named Manajiri to aid and protect her in her quest.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2000 •
finished airing
• 6.58/10
#action #comedy #fantasy #historical #horror #shounen #martial arts
tv Grappler Baki (TV)
Grappler Baki (TV)
<p>Baki Hanma is a young fighter who yearns to follow in the footsteps of his father, Yujiro, and become the strongest fighter in the world. Through that he trains tirelessly and fights constantly to hone his skills and develop his body to achieve these goals. Many intense battles lay ahead of Baki as he goes about his quest to be the best and ultimately take the title of "King" from his father.</p>
winter 2001 •
finished airing
• 7.48/10
#shounen #sports #action #martial arts
tv Project ARMS
Project ARMS
<p>A boy gets involved in an accident when in kindergarten, horribly damaging his arm, but the doctors somehow manage to save it. Now, several years later, his arm seems to be becoming the focus of strange events as it turns out to be more than a normal arm. Meanwhile, a secret organizations is out to get hold of him and the power he possess. </p>
summer 2001 •
finished airing
• 7.07/10
#action #martial arts
tv Grappler Baki: Saidai Tournament-hen
Grappler Baki: Saidai Tournament-hen
<p>Baki, a great grappler needs to live up to his name being the son of the the greatest grapplers of all time: Hanma Yujiro. At the Shinshinkai Organization's private arena, anything goes and the odds are always stacked against you. Current champion of the urderground tournament he fight to defend his title against the worlds strongest and best martial artists, including "the beast" his own father Yujiro.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
fall 2001 •
finished airing
• 7.48/10
#action #shounen #sports #martial arts
movie Shenmue: The Movie
Shenmue: The Movie
<p>Using scenes from the original SEGA Dreamcast game plus some extra made for the movie, Shenmue: the Movie details the events of the first game. After Ryo's father is murdered and a mysterious mirror taken, Ryo sets himself on a quest for revenge.</p>
summer 2001 •
finished airing
• 6.42/10
#action #adventure #game #martial arts
tv Project ARMS: The 2nd Chapter
Project ARMS: The 2nd Chapter
<p>The 2nd Chapter continues the story of Ryo Takatsuki and his companions' quest to discover the secret of the mysterious A.R.M.S. they all possess and what the future may hold for them. They now know where the answers lie but to get to them, they must fight a desperate fight of survival against a powerful military corporation that wants their secrets no matter what the cost.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
fall 2001 •
finished airing
• 7.14/10
#action #fantasy #school #martial arts
tv Kinnikuman Nisei
Kinnikuman Nisei
<p>Kid Muscle (or Mantaro for short) is a bumbling, gross, and wimpy sort-of person. Unfortunately, he has been summoned to protect the earth from the evil dMp, a band of cheating wrestlers from outer space. Luckily he's not undertaking this task alone. Kid Muscle must join the Muscle League, a group of wrestlers from outer space who are training themselves so they can defend the earth, and stop the dMp by achieving "Ultimate Muscle", a hidden power that makes Mantaro an almost unbeatable opponent.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2002 •
finished airing
• 6.95/10
#action #comedy #shounen #sports #sci-fi #martial arts
ova Koukou Tekken-den Tough
Koukou Tekken-den Tough
<p>Years ago there was an underground match between Pro Wrestling and Nanshin Shadow Stlye (a secret and deadly form of martial arts) to see which form of martial arts was dominant, The Nanshin Shadow style came out victorious in the battle. Now in the present, the man who was defending Pro-Wrestling is back and is out to destroy Nanshin Shadow style in any way he can; however, it is now up to Kiichi, the son of the previous victor to defend the name of Nanshin Shadow style and it is his job to keep it from being completely erased from existance.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2002 •
finished airing
• 7.09/10
#action #shounen #martial arts
ova Koroshiya 1 The Animation: Episode 0
Koroshiya 1 The Animation: Episode 0
<p>A masochistic mobster meets his match in the dark streets of Tokyo. His nemesis, Ichi, is a psychopathic killer with an unrelenting thirst for bloodshed. A horrifying secret burns in his mind, and his hands deal death without mercy. At last, the shrouds of mystery are parted to reveal the origin of the monster. The city will know its greatest fear at the unveiling of Ichi the Killer. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
summer 2002 •
finished airing
• 5.84/10
#action #dementia #drama #horror #psychological #seinen #martial arts
movie Kinnikuman II Sei Muscle: Ninjin Soudatsu sen! Choujin Daisensou
Kinnikuman II Sei Muscle: Ninjin Soudatsu sen! Choujin Daisensou
<p>In order to save a princess, Mantarou (Kid Muscle) and the gang must find a special ginseng. They are later joined by Kevin Mask.</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia)</p>
summer 2002 •
finished airing
• 6.83/10
#action #comedy #drama #romance #martial arts
special Afro Samurai Pilot
Afro Samurai Pilot
<p>Original pilot for the "Afro Samurai" TV Show, directed and animated by Takeshi Koike.</p>
winter 2003 •
finished airing
• 6.81/10
#action #seinen #martial arts
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