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tv Fairy Tail (2014)
Fairy Tail (2014)
Magic is what makes the fictional world of Earth-land go 'round, and its many mage guilds work together—or sometimes against one another—to bring balance to that world. Each guild flaunts unique features in hopes of being the best guild on the planet.

Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old girl, is desperately searching for the perfect guild. After running from her father, she wanders the city in search of Gold Keys, for they unlock the Celestial Spirits that are so vital for her magic. With so many wizards around, it's a journey that's very challenging and dangerous to go alone. Yet a fateful encounter with Natsu Dragneel (a wizard who largely resembles a dragon) leads her to a guild known as Fairy Tail, which soon becomes her new home.

Her happiness amongst new-found friends is overshadowed by the evil powers of malicious guilds and the mysterious dark wizard Zeref. Their lives are about to take an unexpected turn as they battle evil, fight for their guild, and uncover fragments of their past. It will shake the foundations of who they are as people, and help explain why Earth-land has fallen into this state to begin with.
fall 2014 •
finished airing
• 7.96/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #magic #shounen
tv Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
<p>Set in an imaginary world, the Earth Land, there exists a Mage Guild called "Fairy Tail." Fairy Tail is stationed in the town Magnolia, residing in the Kingdom of Fiore, and is currently governed by Makarov, Guild's master.</p><p> Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old girl, wishes to become a full-fledged mage and join one of the most prestigious Mage Guilds in the world, Fairy Tail.</p><p> One day, out of pure coincidence, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a boy who is transportation-sick, but very cheerful in nature. However, the thing she does not know is that Natsu is the closest connection to Fairy Tail, as he is a Mage in Fairy Tail.</p><p> [Written by MAL Rewrite]</p>
fall 2009 •
finished airing
• 7.92/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #shounen #magic
ova Fairy Tail OVA
Fairy Tail OVA
<p>OVAs bundled with the special edition of the 26th, 27th, 31st, 35th and 38th volumes of the manga.</p><p>1. Youkoso Fairy Hills!</p><p>Lucy comes across a mysterious written request. The client is looking for an object that is in Fairy Tail's female dormitory, Fairy Hills. To verify the request, Lucy visits Fairy Hills, and discovers that the client is Hilda, the dormitory head who is looking for a "shining treasure." Meanwhile, Natsu and the other guild members are cleaning their pool.</p><p>2. Yousei Gakuen: Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan</p><p>The anime adaptation of the manga side story "Yousei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan," which puts the characters of Fairy Tail in a school setting. The title is a parody of Miki Yoshikawa's "Yankee-kun to Megane-chan."</p><p>3. Memory Days</p><p>An all-new original story storyboarded by Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairy Tail, released on February 17, 2012. "Natsu's Secret" is going to be revealed in the "Past World"?! Guided by a "magic book" that's lying in the Guild's storage room, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza have traveled back into the past!!</p><p>4. Yousei-tachi no Gasshuku</p><p>Natsu, Lucy, and the others go to a training camp for the Grand Magic Games. While there, the Fairy Tail Guild take a much needed break at the beach and hot spring.</p><p>5. Dokidoki Ryuuzetsu Land</p><p>Adapting the chapter 298. The story is set during the Grand Magic Games when various guilds gather at the pool for some fun (and the chaos that ensues).</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia, ANN)</p>
spring 2013 •
finished airing
• 7.67/10
#comedy #ecchi #fantasy #magic #shounen
special Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa
Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa
<p>This special is showing a day of Eclair's life as a prologue to the movie Houou no Miko.</p>
winter 2013 •
finished airing
• 7.45/10
#fantasy #magic #shounen
ova Fairy Tail x Rave
Fairy Tail x Rave
<p>In a town far away, Lucy, Natsu and Happy, from Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, are on a mission to find a troublemaker and deal with her. Due to unknown circumstances they get separated.</p><p>The same happens to Elie and Haru, from Mashima's Rave Master manga.</p><p>Lucy and Elie manage to meet each other and together they try to find their respective partners.</p>
summer 2013 •
finished airing
• 7.35/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #magic #shounen
movie Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry
Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry
Dragon Cry is a magical artifact of deadly power, formed into a staff by the fury and despair of dragons long gone. Now, this power has been stolen from the hands of the Fiore kingdom by the nefarious traitor Zash Caine, who flees with it to the small island nation of Stella. Frightened that the power has fallen into the wrong hands, the King of Fiore hastily sends Fairy Tail to retrieve the staff. But this task proves frightening as a shadowy secret lies in the heart of the kingdom of Stella. Dragon Cry follows their story as they muster up all their strength to recover the stolen staff and save both kingdoms.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
spring 2017 •
finished airing
• 7.67/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #magic #shounen
movie Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko
Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko

The film revolves around a mysterious girl named Éclair who appears before Fairy Tail, the world's most notorious wizard's guild. She lost all of her memories, except for the imperative that she must deliver two Phoenix Stones somewhere. The stones may spell the collapse of the magical world, and Natsu, Lucy, and the rest of the Fairy Tail guild are caught up in the intrigue.

(Source: ANN)

summer 2012 •
finished airing
• 7.55/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #magic #shounen
ova Fairy Tail OVA (2016)
Fairy Tail OVA (2016)
OVAs adapting the 4 omake chapters of the same name and bundled with the special edition of the 55th, 58th and 59th volumes of the manga.
fall 2016 •
finished airing
• 7.4/10
#comedy #ecchi #fantasy #magic #shounen
tv Fairy Tail (2018)
Fairy Tail (2018)
The final season of Fairy Tail.
fall 2018 •
finished airing
• 7.8/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #magic #shounen