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3-tsu no Hanashi
winter 1960
special - 0 Episodes Available

Three Tales was one of the first domestic anime ever televised. It comprised of three stories: "The Third Plate" (第三の皿) by Hirosuke Hamada, "Oppel and the Elephant" (オッペルと象) by Kenji Miyazawa, and "Sleepy Town" (眠い町) by Mimei Ogawa.

Kids Fantasy
winter 1960
movie - 0 Episodes Available

Experimental anime from animation pioneer Yoji Kuri from 1960.

Comedy Dementia
winter 1960
movie - 0 Episodes Available

One of the first films of Okamoto Tadanari, a silent puppet animated film.

Xiao Kedou Zhao Mama
Where is Mama
winter 1960
movie - 0 Episodes Available

The narrated film describes the adventures and misadventures of a group of tadpoles in search of their mother. It is one of Te Wei's first attempts to break away from Western style animation and aim for a painterly style influenced by Qi Baishi and more in keeping with native Chinese aesthetic sensibilities.

(Source: Wikipedia)