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winter 1948
movie - 0 Episodes Available

A 7-minute short film (monochrome) produced by Japanese cartoon film company under the request of the Fire Defense Agency to educate children on the importance of fire fighting. Original work is Eiichi Kosaita, a fire history historian. Director / artist is in charge of Toshiharu Obata, a veteran who was also involved in the feature animation "Momotaro Sea God Soldier" during the war. Raccoon Tanuki, the main character, organizes a fire brigade with fellow animals. A story such as the boldly headed towards the forest fire that eventually occurred (the fire is anthropomorphized).


Kitsune to Circus
The Big Top Crime
winter 1948
movie - 0 Episodes Available

A fox steal the world's most valuable diamond and buries it under a tree, believing it to be well-hidden. The next day, a circus arrives and sets up its tent next to the tree, its animals unwittingly digging up the diamond they believe to be just a worthless rock. They soon lose the diamond inside the circus and the desperate fox attempts to retrieve the stolen diamond before the other animals realise what they have.

(Source: AniDB)

Comedy Kids
Kuma ni Kuwarenu Otoko
The Bear Dodger
winter 1948
movie - 0 Episodes Available

Morality tale, musical, involving two boys who find themselves being pursued by bears in the forest. Short film from 1948.

Adventure Music
Tora-chan to Hanayome
Little Tiger and Bride
winter 1948
movie - 0 Episodes Available

Tora-chan and Miike and playing while their big sister prepares for her wedding. Just then a letter arrives; it's from Grandfather, who writes that he won't allow the wedding as long as he lives! Bride and groom rush to the church to get married before the old cat can stop them, but his boat has just arrived! Can Tora-chan and Miike keep him distracted long enough for their sister's happy day to go uninterrupted?