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summer 1975
music - 0 Episodes Available

An imaginative take on Dracula is shown in this musical video from the Minna no Uta franchise.

Kids Music Vampire
summer 1975
movie - 0 Episodes Available

Go Nagai crossover movie.

Action Sci-Fi Mecha
summer 1975
tv - 0 Episodes Available

The series presents the adventures of Zoum, a white dolphin and his friends, two children who live with their sailor uncle. The cast includes several animals including a mynah bird (who understands the dolphin language in addition to the language of the other animals and the humans on the island and acts as a translator), a koala, and a sloth.

During their adventures, Zoum meets a beautiful female dolphin, called Za-za-zoom in the English version, with whom he has a baby.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Adventure Kids
summer 1975
movie - 0 Episodes Available

On the night of March 10, 1945 the US Military sends out B-29s for another air raid. Masao's mother is frantically trying to evacuate and so is their cat Inazuma who had kittens.

Kids Historical Drama
summer 1975
movie - 0 Episodes Available

The pilot movie of Grendizer. It is about Duke Fleed, a fugitive of the planet fleed, who was kicked out of his planet by the Armies of Vega. Fleed and the daughter of the king of Vega were in love before the war between their planets. The armies of Vega continue their fight with Duke Fleed.

(Source: ANN)

Action Mecha Romance
summer 1975
tv - 3 Episodes Available

Tekkaman is just an average bright boy in his everyday life. However, modern science can turn him into a mighty space warrior. This becomes a reality when aggressive aliens come from space to invade our planet. Armed with a space lance, Tekkaman gallantly goes into action against the grotesque space creatures. During his battles he encounters a mysterious young man from another planet who helps him out whenever he is in danger.

(Source: Absoluteanime)

Action Adventure Mecha Sci-Fi Shounen Space