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ova Ucchare Goshogawara
Ucchare Goshogawara
<p>Musashi Mountain High School third grade Goshogawara is the only member of his school's sumo club. In order to take part in competitions, he tries to attract more members, and thanks to his enthusiasm and sincerity four more people join the club: judo team captain Kaoru Kiyokawa; pro wrestler Takayuki Kannai; skinny thug wannabe Nanno Ippei; and Raiden Goro, a giant guy but a very shy person who also happens to be an expert Go player. The five train together and later take part in a competition against a professional sumo club.</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia)</p>
fall 1991 •
finished airing
• 5.62/10
#school #sports #martial arts #shounen
tv Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (TV)
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (TV)
Based on the mobile game.
spring 2018 •
finished airing
• 7.4/10
ona Uma no Friends
Uma no Friends
An anime collaboration between Kemono Friends and the Japan Racing Association.
summer 2017 •
finished airing
• 6.4/10
#comedy #fantasy #sports
tv Usakame
Spin-off of Teekyuu.
spring 2016 •
finished airing
• 5.86/10
#comedy #shounen #sports
movie Utopa
Part of Young Animator Training Project (Studio 4°C).
winter 2016 •
finished airing
• 5.72/10
#action #ecchi #fantasy #comedy #adventure #shounen #kids #mystery #police #school #sci-fi #slice of life #parody #seinen #romance #sports #drama #horror #psychological #vampire #mecha #military #demons #magic #historical #music
tv Walkure Romanze
Walkure Romanze
<p>The story centers around Takahiro Mizuno, a student training to be a begleiter (knight's assistant) at an academy where aspiring knights joust. He himself had come to this academy to train as a knight, after becoming the unrivaled junior champion in his own home country. However, an injury in a tournament's finals forced him to withdraw. Instead, he decides to be a begleiter to one of the academy's maiden knights and help her win.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
fall 2013 •
finished airing
• 6.5/10
#action #ecchi #romance #school #sports #harem
tv Wangan Midnight
Wangan Midnight
<p>Based on a seinen manga by Kusunoki Michiharu serialised in Young Magazine. </p><p> The story gets its roots from the actual street racing that occurs on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway, one stretch of which is known as the "Wangan", literally meaning "bay side" (although it is generally used to refer to the freeway), the longest, straightest road in the entire country. Of course, there's also lots of traffic to contend with, including a fair number of heavy trucks. Because of this, the action is inherently hazardous, and wrecks are common. Blown engines are also a frequent hazard, especially with the extreme-high power engines. </p><p> One day, Akio Asakura, a third year high school student, is driving his Fairlady Z (Z31) and is challenged by Tatsuya Shima, a doctor, in his black Porsche 964 Turbo (nicknamed the "BlackBird"). With a friend in the passenger seat and two girls in the back, Akio pitifully tries to win, but is defeated. Determined to become faster, he goes to the junkyard to buy parts for his car, when he sees a pristine, unscratched midnight blue Fairlady Z (S30) in the junkyard. Intrigued as to why such a machine is about to be junked, he buys it. He soon finds that the car is unnaturally fast due to a tuned L28 engine, bored and stroked to 3.1 liters combined with twin turbos, which produces 620bhp. He also finds that all of the car's previous owners had unfortunate accidents in it, starting with the first owner's death. The manga follows Akio's various encounters, though the central plot revolves around his constant battle with the BlackBird for superiority. </p><p> (Source: AniDB) </p>
summer 2007 •
finished airing
• 7.5/10
#action #sports #seinen #cars
ova Wanna-Be&#039;s
<p>This OAV begins with a tag-team battle between the elegant girls of Dream Team and the heavy-face-painted women of Foxy Ladies. Naturally, the Dream Team gets the crap kicked out of them, but not before one of them makes one strong attempt at lifting the 250-pound Foxy lady over her head. The ones to take their place are Eri and Miki of the Wanna-Be's team. Miki and Eri are both just fun girls who want to have fun, but once they begin their new training with the mysterious Kidou Corporation, the same corporation that trained the Dream Team, they discover that there is something deeper behind their training. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
fall 1986 •
finished airing
• 5.24/10
#action #comedy #sports
tv Whistle!
<p>Kazamatsuri Shou's dream has always been to become a professional soccer player, but he has one problem: he's not very good at the game. He was accepted to the prestigious Musashi no Mori Junior High, known for its top rate soccer team, but he was never able to rise beyond the rank of third stringer. After transferring to Sakura Jousui Junior High, he can finally play soccer. And, with the support of his new friends and teammates, his strong determination, and lots of hard work, his soccer skills are developing rapidly and setting Shou well on his way to achieving his dream.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
spring 2002 •
finished airing
• 7.47/10
#school #shounen #sports
ona Whistle! (ONA)
Whistle! (ONA)
An adaption of the manga Whistle! which is to stream in 2017.
fall 2016 •
• 6/10
#school #shounen #sports
special White Fantasy
White Fantasy
<p>Animated short for K-Swiss Asia, a subsidiary of American footwear company K-Swiss.</p>
fall 2014 •
finished airing
• 5.65/10
#fantasy #sports
music Winner
<p>In an athletic meet, an awkward boy tries his best to excel in a field he is not good at. He realizes that what is important is not winning or losing. It is refusing to be discouraged or running away from a challenge no matter how many times he fails.</p>
finished airing
• 5.53/10
#kids #music #school #sports
tv Yakyuubu Aruaru
Yakyuubu Aruaru
Series of shorts that describe what often happens in a typical amateur baseball club.

(Source: ANN)
summer 2015 •
finished airing
• 3.7/10
tv Yakyuukyou no Uta
Yakyuukyou no Uta
<p>Against her insistence, Yuuki is drafted by the Tokyo Mets as the first woman player in the baseball league.</p>
winter 1979 •
finished airing
• 6.73/10
#action #drama #sports
movie Yakyuukyou no Uta: Kita no Ookami Minami no Tora
Yakyuukyou no Uta: Kita no Ookami Minami no Tora
<p>A re-edited version of episodes 13 and 14 of the TV series. Double billed with Mirai Shounen Conan movie in the cinemas.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
summer 1979 •
finished airing
• 6.32/10
#action #drama #sports
tv Yawara!

Yawara! is a sports anime laced with comedic and romance elements. It starts off with Yawara Inokuma, a high school girl who is most interested in doing the things that your average Japanese high school girl does; however, she has been trained in Judo for years by her grandfather, Jigorou (A former Japan Judo Champion), who has much grander plans in store for her as a Judo superstar. He manipulates matters so that Yawara ends up having to perform in matches and tournaments. His final plan is for Yawara to "Win the Gold Medal in the Olympics and be awarded the Nation Medal of Honor."

(Source: AniDB, edited)

fall 1989 •
finished airing
• 7.55/10
#action #comedy #drama #romance #sports
movie Yawara! Sore Yuke Koshinuke Kids!!
Yawara! Sore Yuke Koshinuke Kids!!

Yawara helps a group of timid grade school kids overcome their fears and compete in a judo competition. One of the kids is Hanazono's cousin, which is how she meets them. Another is a girl who seems a whole lot like Yawara.

(Source: ANN)

summer 1992 •
finished airing
• 6.31/10
#action #comedy #drama #romance #sports #martial arts #slice of life
special Yawara! Special: Zutto Kimi no Koto ga... .
Yawara! Special: Zutto Kimi no Koto ga... .

Yawara Inokuma competes for Japan in the Atlanta Olympic Games as she meets with several familiar faces throughout the tournament.

(Source: ANN)

summer 1996 •
finished airing
• 7.33/10
#action #comedy #drama #sports #martial arts #slice of life
tv Yoroshiku Mechadock
Yoroshiku Mechadock
<p>Mechadock is a powerful race car obtained from a simple economy car, which is able to race on any ground.</p>
winter 1985 •
finished airing
• 6.52/10
#action #comedy #sports #police #cars
tv Yowamushi Pedal
Yowamushi Pedal
<p>Otaku Sakamichi Onoda has just entered high school and plans to join the anime club. In middle school, Onoda didn’t have any friends with whom he could talk about anime, games, Akihabara and other otaku things, and he is hoping he can make such friends in the anime club, but he finds out it's been disbanded. In order to reestablish the club he tries to find 4 other people who would like to join.</p><p>Since he was a little boy, Onoda has ridden his mamachari—a bulky bicycle with a step-through frame mainly used for short rides, such as for casual fun or to pick up groceries—to go to Akihabara every week to check out or buy otaku things. Fellow freshman Shunsuke Imaizumi and bicyclist, while training, notices a boy (Onoda) riding his mamchari up a steep road.</p><p>Freshman and road racing cyclist, Shokichi Naruko visits Akihabara to get some Gundam plastic models for his younger brothers and meets Onoda who catches his attention because of the his cycling skill on the mamachari and later find out they go to the same school. Later on, both Naruko and Imaizumi try to convince him to join the bicycle racing club, but will he?</p>
fall 2013 •
finished airing
• 8.06/10
#comedy #drama #shounen #sports