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tv Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman
Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman
Tekkaman is just an average bright boy in his everyday life. However, modern science can turn him into a mighty space warrior. This becomes a reality when aggressive aliens come from space to invade our planet. Armed with a space lance, Tekkaman gallantly goes into action against the grotesque space creatures. During his battles he encounters a mysterious young man from another planet who helps him out whenever he is in danger.<br><br> (Source: Absoluteanime)
fall 1975 •
finished airing
• 6.37/10
#action #adventure #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
ova Key the Metal Idol
Key the Metal Idol
<p>Tokiko Mima, called Key, is a robot. Since she was created by her 'grandfather', Dr. Mima, she has lived among humans. Now Dr. Mima is dead, and has left behind a cryptic last message: if Key can somehow get 30,000 people to feel for her, she can become fully human. However, Key's quest may not be so simple - for an ominous plot is being hatched by Dr. Mima's rival, Jinsaku Ajo. </p>
fall 1994 •
finished airing
• 7.01/10
#action #drama #mecha #music #sci-fi
tv Brigadoon: Marin to Melan
Brigadoon: Marin to Melan
<p>Marin is a typical junior high school girl with a sunny disposition and a loving adoptive family. Her life takes a drastic change when a mysterious mirage is seen in the sky above the entire earth. Killer androids called Monomakia descend to earth from the formation in the sky called Brigadoon and begin to hunt down little Marin. She discovers a blue bottle in a shrine as she seeks escape and from the bottle comes a protector, a sword carrying gun slinging alien called Melan Blue, together they must save the earth and deal with family crisis, school prejudice and the police and come to an understanding of Marins past and Melans unexplained mission, as well as learn to trust each other. Set in 1969 Japan with a colorful cast of friends and enemies.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2001 •
finished airing
• 7.36/10
#adventure #comedy #drama #mecha #sci-fi
tv Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion
Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion
<p>Golion, a powerful sentient robot, abuses his great powers by attacking and killing creatures known as Deathblack Beastmen, boasting that no one could defeat him. A divine space being punishes Golion for his arrogance and abuse by seperating him into 5 different lion robots. In the year 1999, a group of 5 young men return to Earth after a space voyage, only to find it ravaged by nuclear war. After encountering the alien race known as the Galra, the 5 youths end up on the planet Altea, and learn that the 5 lion robots that Golion was split into are in hibernation in various parts of Altea. Somehow, they must reunite the lions and form Golion, the only hope for the human race.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 1982 •
finished airing
• 6.93/10
#adventure #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
ova Sol Bianca: Taiyou no Fune
Sol Bianca: Taiyou no Fune
<p>Thousands of years into the future, mankind has colonized other planets across the galaxy and completely forgotten about Earth. On one part of the galaxy, the female space pirates and their colossal starship Sol Bianca get a surprise when a young girl named Mayo stows away on board the ship. The crew then embarks on a journey to Earth to find the whereabouts of Mayo's parents and discover the secrets of the lost planet. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
summer 1999 •
finished airing
• 6.43/10
#adventure #mecha #sci-fi
ova Sol Bianca
Sol Bianca
<p>Five female pirates pilot the Sol Bianca, a starship with a higher level of technology than any other known. With it, they seek out riches, such as the Gnosis, an legendary item of power, and pasha, the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. Along the way, they must consider a stowaway's quest to save the one he loves, and seek revenge against those that have wronged them. </p><p> (Source: ANN) </p>
winter 1990 •
finished airing
• 6.42/10
#action #adventure #sci-fi
tv Alexander Senki
Alexander Senki
<p>Prince Alexander, son of King Philip, and heir to the Macedonian empire, must fend off political saboteurs, assassins, and the jealousy of his own father to ascend to the position of king. Once there, he begins his quest to conquer all nations and become known as the Great King, though an ancient prophecy foretells that he will be the destroyer of the world and forever remembered as the Devil King.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
fall 1999 •
finished airing
• 5.78/10
#action #adventure #fantasy #historical #sci-fi
ova VS Knight Lamune &amp; 40 Fresh
VS Knight Lamune &amp; 40 Fresh
<p>To save the galaxy from impending doom, Cacao and Parfait are sent on a mission through time and space to retrieve the Fourth Warrior, Lamunes.</p><p> Unfortunately, Cacao and Parfait discover Lamunes at the helm of the marauding Giga Genos invasion fleet. World by world, Lamunes is determined to bring the entire galaxy under his tyrannical heel. With the help of a plicky orphan, it's up to Cacao and Parfait to stop Lamunes from taking over the world. </p>
spring 1997 •
finished airing
• 5.79/10
#adventure #comedy #ecchi #mecha #sci-fi
tv IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (2005) 2nd Season
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (2005) 2nd Season
<p>Team Satomi has just been deemed as the winners for the IG-2 lower league and now join the top IG-1 competition. But it's not going to be easy. Young pilots Takeshi, Liz, Amy, and River are going to have to be a team to be number 1, however one thing leads to another with these four. Most important of all, their opponents overwhelm Team Satomi in every aspect, including strategy and skill, as well as funding. One thing is for sure, this is not going to be an easy year for "Team Satomi." </p>
spring 2006 •
finished airing
• 7.35/10
#mecha #shounen #sports #sci-fi
tv IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix
<p>In the year 2035, Team Suzaku and Team Sledge Mamma are preparing to meet in the final round of the 12th Immortal Grand-1 Prix (IG1 or IGPX). Takeshi leads Team Suzaku, which is made up of a group of young amateur pilots who must make the most of their limited funds and weaponry in order to prepare for the competition designed for professionals.</p><p> This series served as the pilot to the full IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix, each episode is only 5 minutes long or less. A key difference between the two is that this series featured combat mecha competition rather than racing mecha.</p>
summer 2003 •
finished airing
• 6.68/10
#mecha #shounen #sports #sci-fi
movie Macross 7: Ginga ga Ore wo Yonde Iru
Macross 7: Ginga ga Ore wo Yonde Iru
<p>While investigating a sound anomaly across the galaxy, Basara crash-lands on a snowy planet and receives an unfriendly welcome from the local residents. On the planet, he befriends Pedro, a four-year-old boy who watches the Galaxy Network and idolizes Fire Bomber. Basara also discovers that the sound he's searching for is generated by Emilia, a lone Meltrandi struggling to make music of her own.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
summer 1995 •
finished airing
• 6.99/10
#action #adventure #comedy #drama #mecha #music #shounen #sci-fi
ova Macross 7 Encore
Macross 7 Encore
<p>Three unbroadcasted episodes of the Macross 7 series. In "Fleet of the Strongest Women," the Macross 7 fleet encounters a rogue Meltrandi fleet led by an old rival of Millia. "On Stage" focuses on Ray's past as a fighter pilot, how he first met Basara, and how they formed Fire Bomber. In "Which One Do You Love," when Millia falls ill, she feels her life expectancy is running short and attempts to have Mylene engaged to Basara.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
fall 1995 •
finished airing
• 7.04/10
#action #comedy #drama #mecha #music #shounen #sci-fi
ova Macross Dynamite 7
Macross Dynamite 7
<p> Less than a year after the events that transpired in the Macross 7 TV series, Basara leaves Fire Bomber and travels to the planet Zola. There, he meets a girl named Elma, who is a big fan of Fire Bomber. It is also on this planet where he must once again use his Spiritia powers; this time, to stop an army of poachers and Elma's father Graham from killing a group of space whales travelling within the planetary system.</p>
fall 1997 •
finished airing
• 6.92/10
#adventure #comedy #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
tv Macross 7
Macross 7

35 years have passed since Lynn Minmay had brought peace between the Zentradi and the humans in the events of Macross. Nekki Basara is a guitarist and a singer of the band Fire Bomber. Living in a less-developed part of the flying colony City 7 which is looking for a habitable planet, he composes and sings songs in the belief that music holds a greater power.

During its flight, an unknown alien race appeared and started laying siege upon City 7. However, its attacks are not conventional -- instead of trying to destroy them, they steal what is known as "spiritia", rendering victims unresponsive and zombie-like. During these battles, Basara always goes out into the middle of the warzone, singing his songs and expecting friend and foe to listen and be moved by his music.

(Source: ANN)

fall 1994 •
finished airing
• 7.2/10
#action #adventure #comedy #drama #mecha #music #romance #shounen #military #sci-fi
ova Future GPX Cyber Formula: Early Days Renewal
Future GPX Cyber Formula: Early Days Renewal
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p> to update this information.</p>
spring 1996 •
finished airing
• 6.5/10
#drama #shounen #sports #sci-fi
ova Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin
Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin
<p>After Aoi Zip Formula was banned for one year from Cyber Formula racing due to cheating, Jotaro Kaga, alias Bleed Kaga, returns for the 17th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix. However his old car is no match for the returning champion Hayato Kazami, whose skill has improved tremendously, and his Nu-Asurada AKF-0. An old face, Kyoshiro Nagumo, appears suddenly to him and offers him the Ogre AN-21: a prototype to the Bio-Computer operated Al-Zard series created by the developers of the Asurada, and an ultimate racing machine that only a few can drive. Kaga must now master this car, confront his own inner demons and, most importantly, defeat his longtime rival Hayato in what is possibly Kaga's last and greatest Cyber Formula season.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.61/10
#drama #shounen #sports #sci-fi
ova Future GPX Cyber Formula Saga
Future GPX Cyber Formula Saga
<p>After his disappointing loss in the last round of the 14th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix, which causes him the championship, Hayato Kazami decides that he needs a change and switches over to the Sugo Garland SF-03 for the 15th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix while he waits for the newest Asurada design. However, his hope to make up for the past year's letdown is made difficult when Aoi ZIP Formula undergoes a major restructuring and brings in Kyoshiro Nagumo as the new president of the team. The new car that he brought to the team, driven by newcomer Phil Fritz, is seemingly unbeatable...</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
summer 1996 •
finished airing
• 7.56/10
#drama #shounen #sports #sci-fi
ova Future GPX Cyber Formula Zero
Future GPX Cyber Formula Zero
<p>A freak accident during the 12th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix causes Hayato Kazami to miss the rest of the season, and critically injures both his body and his will to continue racing. Hayato's longtime friend, Asuka Sugo, helps nurse him back to health, and in return he proposes to her and promises her that he would never race again. But as time goes on, Hayato begins to doubt whether he really wants to retire, and decides to make a comeback after all. And with the 13th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix now underway, he must struggle to regain his racing form; regain the trust of Asuka, whose promise he broke; and thwart the malicious intents of Henri Clayton. All the while, the reason behind Hayato's accident begins to unveil itself: the "Zero Zone."</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
spring 1994 •
finished airing
• 7.58/10
#drama #shounen #sports #sci-fi
ova Future GPX Cyber Formula 11
Future GPX Cyber Formula 11
<p>It is now time for the 11th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix. With all the expectations and pressures placed upon him, Hayato Kazami struggles to regain the championship form that he had a year ago. Moreover, Osamu Sugo, aka Knight Schumacher, has reentered the competition, and declared Hayato to be an enemy. Hayato, with the new Super Asurada AKF-11, must now defeat someone he once deeply trusted in order to secure his second championship.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
fall 1992 •
finished airing
• 7.42/10
#drama #shounen #sports #sci-fi
tv Future GPX Cyber Formula
Future GPX Cyber Formula
<p>14-year-old Kazami Hayato is the youngest driver of Cyber Formula, a Grand Prix in which each vehicle is equipped with computers to aid in racing. With the help of Asurada, the most advanced cybernavigation system, and team Sugo, Hayato races to become the winner of the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix. Along the way, Hayato will have to learn what it truly means to be a racer and that victory cannot be achieved simply by driving the best machine. In addition, Kazami will have to gain the respect of the veteran racers, thwart those who attempt to steal Asurada, and participate in races outside of Cyber Formula.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
spring 1991 •
finished airing
• 7.46/10
#adventure #shounen #sports #sci-fi