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tv Hachimitsu to Clover
Hachimitsu to Clover
<p>Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi, and Morita Shinobu are college students who share the small apartment. Even though they live in poverty, the three of them are able to obtain pleasure through small things in life. The story follows these characters' life stories as poor college students, as well as their love lives when a short but talented 18 year old girl called Hanamoto Hagumi appears. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
spring 2005 •
finished airing
• 8.11/10
#comedy #drama #romance #josei #slice of life
tv Gokusen
<p>Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi enters Shirokin Gakuen Private School to become a math teacher. She's assigned as the homeroom teacher for class 2-4, populated by a gang of delinquents. At first, the class tries everything to rattle her cage, but to no avail. In a short period of time, Yankumi gains the respect of the class. But what the school doesn't know is that she's the heir to the Oedo Group, a powerful Yakuza clan. So while Yankumi struggles to excel in her career as a teacher, she must also keep her Yakuza background a secret.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2004 •
finished airing
• 7.46/10
#comedy #drama #school #josei #slice of life
tv Paradise Kiss
Paradise Kiss
<p>Yukari is a typical high-school student who listens to her parents and attends school everyday. As she starts to question her way of life, she encounters a group of fashion design students who have a clothing label known as "Paradise Kiss". The group needs to find a model to showcase their designs in an up-coming fashion show and decides to pick Yukari. Initially, Yukari is reluctant to be associated with this seemingly eccentric group, but eventually she realises they are really nice people. Furthermore, their passion and enthusiasm to follow their ideals and dreams make Yukari realise that she has not been enjoying her life and thus motivates her to pursue her own dreams. The story follows Yukari as she gets involved in the group and eventually falls in love with the leader, George.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
fall 2005 •
finished airing
• 7.87/10
#comedy #drama #romance #josei #slice of life
tv Petshop of Horrors
Petshop of Horrors
<p>Count D, a quite interesting pet shop owner from an area called Chinatown, sells rare and hard to come by pets to people longing for something special, but with each sale comes a contract. If the rules of the contract are followed, everything goes fine, but if someone should break the rules of the contract, the pet shop cannot be held responsible for anything unfortunate that might happen. Leon Orcot, a homicide detective, has linked many odd and unexplainable deaths together; they all were customers of Count D's pet shop, and he intends to find out why. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 1999 •
finished airing
• 7.33/10
#mystery #horror #josei
special Hachimitsu to Clover Specials
Hachimitsu to Clover Specials
<p>Two side stories:</p><p> Chapter L (or chapter 25) about Lohmeyer/Romaiya sempai.</p><p> Chapter F (or chapter 26) about Miwako finding ways to make fun of Yamazaki.</p><p> (Source: momento)</p>
fall 2005 •
finished airing
• 7.76/10
#comedy #drama #romance #josei #slice of life
tv Hachimitsu to Clover II
Hachimitsu to Clover II
<p>The sequel and final installment to the highly popular series once again delves into the life stories and love lives of Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi and Morita Shinobu. The story continues where the first season left off, after Takemoto's self-discovery journey around Japan. Of course, the love triangles and tribulations they face will continue, and eventually decide the paths to their future.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
summer 2006 •
finished airing
• 8.29/10
#drama #romance #josei #slice of life
tv Nodame Cantabile
Nodame Cantabile
<p>Shinichi Chiaki is a first class musician whose dream is to play among the elites in Europe. Coming from a distinguished family, he is an infamous perfectionist; not only is he highly critical of himself, but of others as well. The only thing stopping Chiaki from leaving for Europe is his fear of flying. As a result, he's grounded in Japan.</p><p> During his 4th year at Japan's top music university, Chiaki happens to meet Noda Megumi—or as she refers to herself, Nodame. On the surface, she seems to be an unkempt girl with no direction in life. However, when Chiaki hears Nodame play the piano for the first time, he is in awe at the kind of music she plays. To Chiaki's dismay, Nodame moves into the apartment next to his and finds out that she is head-over-heels in love with him.</p><p> Nodame Cantabile tells the story of Chiaki and Nodame, as they not only learn to deal with each other, but learn lessons from one another as they strive for the top of the musical world.</p><p> [Written by MAL Rewrite]</p>
winter 2007 •
finished airing
• 8.37/10
#comedy #drama #music #romance #josei #slice of life
special Nodame Cantabile Special
Nodame Cantabile Special
<p>Special lesson about Mine, Masumi, Chiaki and Nodame's travel to Nagano.</p>
winter 2008 •
finished airing
• 7.43/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei #slice of life
tv Nodame Cantabile Paris Hen
Nodame Cantabile Paris Hen
<p>Having been given the opportunity to study in Paris, Noda accompanies Chiaki to Europe as he strives to become the accomplished conductor he always dreamt to be.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
fall 2008 •
finished airing
• 8.19/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei #slice of life
ova Kasei Yakyoku
Kasei Yakyoku
<p>The story takes place in old Tokyo, the Tokyo of August-September 1923 (Showa 12). At this moment in time, the city is a mixture of extremes... past and present, rich and poor, good and bad. This is a city where we see both horsecarts and motorcars, swords and pistols, lords and businessmen. </p><p> A wealthy woman from an upper-class family finds herself attracted to a handsome young man, Taka. He and his younger brother seem to be allied, perhaps not entirely willingly, with some of the city's criminal underground (Yakuza). The lady's lovely young maidservant, Sara, meets him too, and a conflict ensues which can only lead to tragedy, passion, and dishonor. But, as events move on, and the days pass, the viewer sees a terrible date coming closer... that unforgettable day of September 1, 1923, at 11:58, when the Great Kanto Earthquake and tidal wave struck Tokyo, causing the death of almost 100,000 people, one of the greatest disasters in human history. </p><p> (Source: The Technogirls)</p>
winter 1989 •
finished airing
• 6.83/10
#drama #historical #romance #josei
tv Genji Monogatari Sennenki
Genji Monogatari Sennenki
<p>Born from a much loved, but lowly ranked concubine, Genji Hikaru is called the Shining Prince and is the beloved second son of the Emperor. Although he cannot be an heir to the throne of his father, Genji spends his life surrounded by every pleasure and love. And yet, his one longing in love is something that even the power of an Emperor can never give him.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2009 •
finished airing
• 6.99/10
#drama #historical #romance #josei
tv Nodame Cantabile Finale
Nodame Cantabile Finale
<p>The series continues the relationship between two aspiring classical musicians, Megumi "Nodame" Noda and Shinichi Chiaki, as students and after graduation.</p>
winter 2010 •
finished airing
• 8.31/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei
tv Ristorante Paradiso
Ristorante Paradiso
<p>When Nicoletta was a little girl, her mother, Olga, abandoned her and ran off to Rome to remarry. Now, 15 years later and a young woman, she travels to Rome with the intention of ruining her mother's life. She tracks Olga down to a restaurant called Casetta dell'Orso, but the second Nicoletta steps through its door, everything changes. It's a peculiar place staffed entirely by mature gentlemen wearing spectacles, and like their clientele, she is helpless against their wise smiles and warm voices. Before Nicoletta realizes it, her plans for vengeance start to fade, and she's swept up in the sweet romance of everyday Italian life. </p><p> (Source: Right Stuf) </p>
spring 2009 •
finished airing
• 7.41/10
#drama #romance #josei #slice of life
ova Nodame Cantabile OVA
Nodame Cantabile OVA
<p>A 20-minute special centering around the life of Yukihisa Matsuda in Paris with his jealousy of Chiaki who is now a successful conductor also working in Paris.</p>
summer 2009 •
finished airing
• 7.53/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei #slice of life
special Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Recap
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Recap

Recap special of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

fall 2009 •
finished airing
• 7.15/10
#drama #josei
special Nodame Cantabile Finale Special
Nodame Cantabile Finale Special
<p>DVD-only episode of Nodame Cantabile Finale, taking place before the first episode of Finale.</p>
spring 2010 •
finished airing
• 7.88/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei
tv Kuragehime
<p>Amamizukan is an apartment complex where no boys are allowed. Kurashita Tsukimi, a girl who adores jellyfish, lives there happily with her friends who all have nerdy obsessions of their own. Their peaceful lives gradually start to change when a beautiful woman helps Tsukimi out of a pinch.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
fall 2010 •
finished airing
• 8.18/10
#comedy #josei #slice of life
ova Nodame Cantabile OVA 2
Nodame Cantabile OVA 2
<p>An anime-original story written by Ninomiya Tomoko, this is an extra episode that falls between the end of Nodame Cantabile (Finale) and Nodame Cantabile Opera-hen. It's spring. Nodame is getting very close to graduating from the Conservatoire and Chiaki is keeping himself busy professionally.</p>
spring 2010 •
finished airing
• 7.63/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei
special Kuragehime: Eiyuu Retsuden☆
Kuragehime: Eiyuu Retsuden☆
<p>Short episodes included in Blu-ray and DVD release, adapting the side story "Kuragehime Heroes☆", a spin-off manga serialized in Kiss Plus magazine. Supporting characters are featured in short chapters.</p>
winter 2011 •
finished airing
• 6.63/10
#comedy #josei #slice of life
tv Usagi Drop
Usagi Drop
Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old bachelor working a respectable job but otherwise wandering aimlessly through life. When his grandfather suddenly passes away, he returns to the family home to pay his respects. Upon arriving at the house, he meets a mysterious young girl named Rin who, to Daikichi’s astonishment, is his grandfather's illegitimate daughter!

The shy and unapproachable girl is deemed an embarrassment to the family, and finds herself ostracized by her father's relatives, all of them refusing to take care of her in the wake of his death. Daikichi, angered by their coldness towards Rin, announces that he will take her in—despite the fact that he is a young, single man with no prior childcare experience.

Usagi Drop is the story of Daikichi's journey through fatherhood as he raises Rin with his gentle and affectionate nature, as well as an exploration of the warmth and interdependence that are at the heart of a happy, close-knit family.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
summer 2011 •
finished airing
• 8.47/10
#josei #slice of life
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