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ona Rean no Tsubasa
Rean no Tsubasa
<p>Because his friends fired a rocket into the US Army camp, Suzuki was wanted by the US Army and the police. While he was running away the sea surface suddenly rose, and when a brilliant light appeared he saw a strange looking battleship flying in the air. He was dumped into the sea and when he crawled onto the battleship there was a beautiful girl standing there. She said her name was Lyx, the princess of another world, and added, "My Father is Japanese, Shinjiro Sakomizu. Please help me, Suzuki."</p><p> Based on the novel series by the Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.</p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>
fall 2005 •
finished airing
• 5.81/10
#fantasy #mecha #sci-fi
ona School Days ONA
School Days ONA
<p>The story is about a love triangle between the male protagonist Makoto, and the two heroines Kotonoha and Sekai. Makoto develops a love interest in Kotonoha, a girl in the same year but different class. Although they both take the same train to school, she is unaware of his existence. His classmate, Sekai, manages to put the two together despite holding strong feelings towards Makoto.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2005 •
finished airing
• 6.14/10
#drama #romance #school
ona King of Fighters: Another Day
King of Fighters: Another Day
<p>The four episodes are set in Southtown, the imaginary city well known to all fans as the stage of numerous death matches throughout the KOF series. Many past heroes of the saga make their appearance here, and the four plots intertwine to create a large-scale drama, that is also linked to the story of KOF Maximum Impact 2. </p>
fall 2005 •
finished airing
• 6.39/10
#adventure #drama #shounen
ona Blame!

The story takes place in a city where it's said that has thousands of levels.

In a shutdown area, thousands of levels overlap each other, you couldn't tell the sky from the ground and you couldn't tell which way is up or which way is down. Maybe the original purpose of this story is to unravel the mysteries bound in this time and world. For the humans who found this vast rare multi-level city, the mysterious main character "Kirii" wanders to search for the "Net Terminal Genes" that were not infected. Kirii's burden and his search for the "Net Terminal Genes" is a goal like no other and is very much the mystery of this story. Log1~Log6 contains the story of Cibo that wasn't done in the original works. The Cibo who strayed away with Kirii and wanders about. A disc thrown away in the rubble. Cibo starts downloading. Just who's "Memory" will he end up with?

PS: These clips are meant as a bonus to the Manga, and should only be taken as such. Do NOT expect any plot in these. They are merely animated (short) scenes from the Manga.

(Source: AniDB)

fall 2003 •
finished airing
• 6.06/10
#mecha #sci-fi
ona Urda
<p>This fictional story took place in Europe around 1943. At that time Nazi secretly plotted a plan called Urda. Two agents, Janet and Erna received a task to investigate and prevent the completion of the secret plan.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
winter 2002 •
finished airing
• 4.73/10
#action #historical #sci-fi #military
ona Aru Tabibito no Nikki
Aru Tabibito no Nikki
<p>Follow Tortov as he journeys through very surreal, magical, picturesque landscapes, meeting interesting characters and circumstances on the way. Accompanied by his long-legged pig friend, Tortov takes us on an on-going adventure of peaceful contemplation.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
winter 2003 •
finished airing
• 7.21/10
#adventure #fantasy
ona Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E.73: Stargazer
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E.73: Stargazer
<p> In C.E. 73, tensions between Naturals and Coordinators continue to persist, eventually leading to another war between the Earth Alliance and PLANT. Sven Cal Bayan is a Natural pilot of the elite EA squad, the Phantom Pain, and carries out his squad's various anti-Coordinator missions without fail. Selene McGriff is a Coordinator researcher at the neutral Deep Space Survey and Development Organization (DSSD) and a developer of the GSX-401FW Stargazer space exploration mobile suit. Though their backgrounds are completely different, the expanding war will nevertheless force their paths to collide.</p><p> (Source: ANN) </p>
summer 2006 •
finished airing
• 7.2/10
#mecha #military #sci-fi
ona Hoshizora Kiseki
Hoshizora Kiseki
<p>Kozue is a girl who loves astronomy, particularly the stars. One night, on an excursion to witness a meteorite, she meets Ginga, a boy who is able to help scientists discover more information about the stars through a mysterious ability of his. However, he is forced to stay in a protective suit in order to carry out his mission. Because of this, Kozue decides to convince Ginga to make his own decisions & to take off the suit using his own will. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
summer 2006 •
finished airing
• 5.9/10
#romance #sci-fi
ona Ame to Shoujo to Watashi no Tegami
Ame to Shoujo to Watashi no Tegami
<p> Katari, a young girl who dreams of becoming a novelist, writes a love letter to a boy at her school. Unwittingly, she is creating a "short story" that will move a little girl's heart. </p>
winter 2005 •
finished airing
• 5.87/10
ona Flag
<p>In 20xx, a civil war broke out in a small country in Asia in spite of the dispatch of UN forces. But a picture taken by accident in the battlefield accelerates the peace process: a photograph of a flag, which became the symbol of peace. However, just before the peace agreement is finalized, the flag is stolen by an armed extremist group in order to obstruct the truce. To rescue the flag, the UN sends the Special Development Command (SDC, which is armed with the High Agility Versatile Weapon Carrier (HAVWC)), along with an embedded photojournalist to record their activities. That photojournalist is Saeko Shirasu—the young camerawoman who took the picture of the flag.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
spring 2006 •
finished airing
• 7.27/10
#mecha #military
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