Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart

Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart photo
English title Master of Martial Hearts
Japanese Title 絶対衝激~プラトニックハート~
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 30
Air Date 2008-10-29
End Date 2009-02-25
Producers Lantis Studio Kikan
Producers Arms

<p>The story centers on the Platonic Heart, a jewel that—according to an old urban legend—can grant any wish when collected. Only a chosen few are allowed to compete in the Platonic Heart hunt, and high school junior Aya Iseshima is one of 11 girls and women who are taking part.</p>



#1: "Will: Kokoro no Michishirube (Will~ココロの道標~)" by Nazuka Kaori (eps 1-4)
#2: "Zero Gravity" by Little Non (ep 5)


"Tatsumaki Wave (タツマキWAVE)" by Little Non