Yurumi to Shimeru

Yurumi to Shimeru photo
Type ONA
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration Unknown
Air Date Apr 3, 2008
Season spring 2008
Producers Opera House
Genres comedy sci-fi


<p>The Mukai siblings, Sunao and Ai, were having a normal day, when suddenly, a space ship suddenly fell into the yard of their house!? What came from within the ship was a little girl who called herself Yurumi. "We're from the cosmic repair shop, 'Rutsubo Mechanic Company,'" said another girl, Yurumi's partner, Shimeru, who stepped out afterwards.</p><p>And so, in the Mukai household, a comedy of cosmic proportions unfolds!</p><p>(Source: Baka-Updates Manga)</p>

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