Yumemiru Topo Gigio

Yumemiru Topo Gigio photo
Type TV
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 26 min. per episode
Air Date Oct 7, 1988
Season fall 1988
Producers Nippon Animation


Created by Maria Perego, Topo Gigio has been a beloved character for more than two decades. This animated TV series features numerous exciting stories and introduces many friends.

Topo Gigio is the first mouse astronaut to travel the Milky Way. Can a mouse become an astronaut? Well, Topo Gigio has come from a year 2,388,400 years ahead in the future. He is friendly and can talk with humans. He makes friends with his neighbors including a girl, her pet mouse, cats, and other mice.

(Source: AniDB)

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