Yadamon photo
English title Yadamon: Magical Dreamer
Japanese Title ヤダモン
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 10
Air Date 1992-08-24
End Date 1993-07-16
Producers Avaco Creative Studios

<p>After causing havoc in the Witch Forest, the queen, Yadamon's mother, banishes her to human world. She does this not only to teach Yadamon a lesson, but also because she has a secret passion for human magazines and books. While at the human world, the queen keeps a close watch at Yadamon which becomes a problem cause she falls asleep almost anywhere.</p><p> The human world has gone extremely hi-tech. Also, a lot of animals has become extinct. Yadamon finds herself in the island named ''Creature Island'', where genetically re-created species are being made. In the island she meets Jean and his parents Edward and Maria.</p><p> Yadamon meets many misadventures in the human world due to her curiosity which causes a lot of trouble to the humans and her guardian fairy, Timon, who has the ability to stop time.</p><p> As Yadamon learns to adapt to human world and use her powers, a new threat is brewing. Kira, the evil witch who was sealed inside a volcano by the queen and the great witch Beril, has escaped. She is out for revenge and has set her eyes to the humans and Yadamon.</p><p> (Source: Wikipedia)</p>

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