Xenosaga: The Animation

Xenosaga: The Animation photo
Japanese Title ゼノサーガ THE ANIMATION
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 23
Air Date 2005-01-06
End Date 2005-03-24
Producers Happinet Pictures
Producers Toei Animation

<p>The year is T.C. 4767. Four thousand years have passed since humanity abandoned its birthplace, the planet Earth. Beset by the hostile alien Gnosis, mankind is now scrambling to find ways to defeat this threat to their existence. The development of KOS-MOS (a specialized android with amazing capabilities) by Vector engineer Shion Uzuki was one response to the threat. But when their ship is destroyed by the Gnosis, Shion and her companions find themselves thrust into the middle of a battle with no clear sides...</p><p> (Source: Anime-Planet)</p>

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