Triage X

Triage X photo
English title Triage X
Japanese Title トリアージX
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 23
Air Date 2015-04-09
End Date 2015-06-11
Producers DAX Production Nippon Columbia
Producers Xebec

The doctor will see you now.

In the series Triage X, the so-called heroes are an organization known as the Black Label. While by day they may work for Mochizuki General Hospital saving lives and healing the sick, by night they have a far more sinister profession: ridding the world of vile, evil, criminals that they deem to be beyond saving.

Under the orders of Chairman Mochizuki, this group visits the criminally depraved that they have labeled as Code Black and excises them from existence for the good of mankind. Not everyone agrees with their vigilante code of justice, however, including one particular detective who would love to see this group vanish from the face of the Earth, no matter the method. With the police on their tail and new criminals popping up every time they turn their heads, will Black Label ever be able to see the world that they envision come to fruition?

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#1: "Soleil Moa (ソレーユ・モア)" by Kazutomi Yamamoto (eps 1-9)
#2: "triage" by Nagareda Project (ep 10)


"triage" by Saeko Zougou featuring Nagareda Project