Tetsuwan Atom: Chikyuu Saigo no Hi

Tetsuwan Atom: Chikyuu Saigo no Hi photo
Japanese Title 鉄腕アトム ~地球最後の日~
Type movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 16
Air Date 2001-07-20
End Date 2017-12-30
Producers Tezuka Productions
Genres mecha sci-fi

<p>Astro Boy, helping Professor Ochinomizu with planetary exploration, discovers a trash star floating in space. On this star, robots that can no longer move have been thrown away stacked on top of each other. On this robot mountain, Astro saves a robot soldier, Bemu, that escaped from the verge of death and takes him back to Earth.</p><p>"I'm tried of fighting!" "I feel the same." While Atom and Bemu are together, a warm friendship is born and goes on to deepen. However, one day, the trash star draws near to the Earth. If it hits, the Earth would have a huge explosion. The Earth is in chaos. As this happens, there is just one way to stop the crash into Earth. Only this is... What will Astro do. Will he be able to protect a peaceful Earth as well as his friendship with Bemu?</p><p>(Source: Astro Boy Wiki)</p>

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Parent story Astro Boy

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