Tegami Bachi

Tegami Bachi photo
English title Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee
Japanese Title テガミバチ
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 20
Air Date 2009-10-03
End Date 2010-03-27
Producers TV Tokyo
Producers Studio Pierrot

<p>With his mother taken away from him and having lost everything, Lag Seeing is now a letter whose delivery has been assigned to Gauche Suede, a Letter Bee. Despite their troubling start, the two of them become friends, leading Lag to realize what his aim in life is: to deliver people's most important feelings in the form of letters, just as Gauche has done.</p><p> [Written by MAL Rewrite]</p>



#1: "Hatenaki Michi (果てなき道; Endless Road)" by HIMEKA (eps 1-13)
#2: "Hikari no Kioku (光の記憶)" by Angelo (eps 14-25)


#1: "Hajimari no Hi (はじまりの日; Day of Beginnings)" by Suga Shikao feat. Mummy-D (eps 1-13)
#2: "Love Letter no Kawari ni Kono Uta wo. (ラブレターのかわりにこの詩を。)" by Seira (eps 14-25)