Sweat Punch

Sweat Punch photo
English title Sweat Punch
Japanese Title スウェットパンチ
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 11
Air Date 2002-03-02
End Date 2006-07-01
Producers Beyond C.
Producers Studio 4°C

<p>Sweat Punch is a series of five Studio 4°C shorts collected as a direct-to-DVD package film entitled Deep Imagination.</p><p> 1. Professor Dan Petory's Blues</p><p> Puppet Professor Dan Petory comedically discusses a series of serious or strange occurrences.</p><p> 2. End of the World</p><p> "End of the World" is a science fiction story about a young alien girl named Yuko as she escapes from the world of humans. After meeting Kazumi, a human girl Yuko met at a rock concert, the girls head to Kazumi's apartment. Before Yuko even takes off her shoes, however, she leaves through Kazumi's TV with her trusty cybernetic steed FACE to wage a retaliatory campaign against hordes of S&M monsters from another dimension, and the evil queen of Yuko's world.</p><p> 3. Kigeki (Comedy)</p><p> Set during the Irish War of Independence, a five-year old girl goes out in search of the mysterious Demon’s Castle - home of the Black Knight whose services she hopes to recruit. The Black Knight is a dark, young, skilled swordsman who will only accept a particular genre of books as advance payment.</p><p> 4. Higan (Enlightenment)</p><p> An injured man lies completely still in a hospital room with doctors hovering at his bedside, appearing serene and peaceful as he slowly succumbs to death. However, in his own mind, memories of a recent battle vividly flash by. Thoughts of death and chaos haunt him, even in his final moments.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p><p> 5. Garakuta no Machi (Junk Town)</p><p> One summer day, a young boy encounters a little robot at a shopping arcade-a hungry little robot, it turns out, as he devours one machine after the other, growing in size with each "meal". This story of a boy, a machine, and their little adventure is the tale of an unusual friendship, enriched by the details of daily life and seen through the director's unique visual style.</p><p> (Source: Studio 4°C website)</p>

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