Shuukan Storyland

Shuukan Storyland photo
Japanese Title 週刊ストーリーランド
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 25
Air Date 1999-10-14
End Date 2001-09-13
Producers Nippon Television Network
Producers Satelight

<p>This was an anthology program containing several different anime each week along with some non-animated segments. Several of the animated films were short series including: Nazo no Rouba [謎の老婆] (tvss), Meibugyou Bun-san [名奉行・文さん], Jo Keibu Jinguuji Youko [女警部・神宮寺葉子], Remon Suzumori's Soudanjo [鈴森なんでも相談所].</p><p>(Source:</p>

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#1: "Love: Itsumademo Eonje Kkajina (Love~いつまでもオンジェ・カジナ~)" by S.E.S.
#2: "Lovin' You" by S.E.S.
#3: "Mado no Soto wa Monochrome (窓の外はモノクローム)" by Zard
#4: "Mafuyu no Hanabi (マフユノハナビ)" by Satoko Ishimine
#5: "My Gift Is You" by Wendy Moten, Peabo Bryson
#6: "Tokyo (東京)" by Ruka Ooba
#7: "True Story, But..." by OSTY


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