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Shibai Taroka

Shibai Taroka photo
Type OVA
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 52 min. per episode
Air Date Nov 25, 1993
Season fall 1993
Producers Knack Productions


<p>There is a new student at Oobu High School. His name is Yakuda Daigo. With his buff body and a tough looking face that can make every one run, soon rumors spread about him. Some says he's a gang leader, others say he is involved with Yakuza business, still more say he rapes, steals and likes beating people.</p><p>There are only a handful of people who know who Yakuda really is, including Manami-a. She is a girl Yakuda fell in love with. Yakuda loves to cook and he likes cute things. He also enjoys gardening, crafting and adores pets. He is a very caring person. He always carries around a cute sewing kit and a cute first-aid kit around.</p><p>However, with many unfortunate events, he often gets involved with a gang fight or a criminal, along with other coincidental things that happens around him. People always assume the worse for him.</p><p>Will everyone find out who he really is?</p>

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