Sekkou Boys

Sekkou Boys photo
English title Sekko Boys
Japanese Title 石膏ボーイズ
Type TV
Airing Status Finished Airing
Air Date 2016-01-08
End Date 2016-03-25
Season winter 2016
Producers Kadokawa Pictures Japan, Ultra Super Pictures
Genres comedy music


As luck would have it, on her first day at Holbein Entertainment Co., Miki Ishimoto is tasked with managing a brand new idol group! A recent college graduate, Ishimoto is eager to begin her career in the industry. However, her department's responsibility is...statues?!

The statues in question are the Sekkou Boys, or "The Rockies," a boy band comprised of four Greco-Roman sculptures: St. George, Mars, Hermes, and Medici. These four busts are new to the entertainment scene, and it is up to Miki to ensure the Rockies' prosperity in the idol world. But will they be a stone-cold success? Or will Miki's management prove to be a rocky start to stardom?

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