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tv Chou Denji Robo Combattler V
Chou Denji Robo Combattler V
<p>The first of Tadao Nagahama's Romance Super Robot Trilogy. (#2: Chou Denji Machine Voltes V, #3: Toushou Daimos)</p><p> Thousands of years ago, the people of the planet Campbell decided to leave their planet and seek out new worlds to inhabit. One group, lead by the scientist Oreana, landed on Earth, but was delayed from their mission. In the early 21st century, Oreana's group reawakens and begins their plan to conquer the Earth. The only effective defense against the Campbellians' giant biomechanical slave beasts is the super-electromagnetic robot, Combattler V and its pilots.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.82/10
#adventure #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
tv UFO Robo Grendizer
UFO Robo Grendizer
<p>Duke Fleed is a survivor of the Fleed Planet who is escaped to the Earth, onboard a mysterious "spaceship", where is raised by Dr. Umon as his adoptive son, and known as Daisuke Umon. Years after his arrival, he's faced with the threat of King Vega and his army, who want to conquer the Earth. With his friends Koji and Hikaru (and later his younger sister Maria Grace), Duke decides to fight back using his best weapon - the almighty Grendizer.</p>
finished airing
• 7.63/10
#mecha #shounen #sci-fi
tv Pinocchio yori Piccolino no Bouken
Pinocchio yori Piccolino no Bouken
<p>Well-known and well-loved by readers around the world, Carlo Collodi’s famous story of Pinocchio is transformed in this magical tale of love and deceit.</p><p> Old Jeppet the carpenter is terribly lonely, and yearns to have a son of his own. One day, a puppet he is carving out of wood begins to speak even before he has finished shaping it. The old man names the puppet Pinocchio, and treats him as the son he never had. The puppet is dreadfully naughty and causes trouble for the old man, but his heart is in the right place and he earns Jeppet’s love as though he were a human son. However, tragedy befalls the pair. Pinocchio is deceived by the wicked fox Dino and his sidekick, the cat Witch, while on his way to school. Pinocchio and his friend Gina the duck are sold to the master of a puppet show, with little hope of ever reuniting with kind old Jeppet. The naughty puppet eventually runs away in order to search for his surrogate father, and finds himself in the middle of adventure after adventure, matching wits with the crafty Dino and Witch. His efforts to stay out of mischief never seem to work, and misfortune always seeks out our wooden hero. If Pinocchio can only manage to stay out of trouble, his ultimate wish will be granted and his dream will become a reality. Delighting and entertaining, The Adventures of Pinocchio shows us that a pure heart and good intentions are rewarded, and that true love can indeed create miracles.</p><p> (Source: Nipponanimation)</p><p> Note that the character is actually called "Piccolino" in this adaptation. </p>
finished airing
• 6.27/10
#adventure #kids
tv Araiguma Rascal
Araiguma Rascal
<p>The 11 year old Robby North and his friend Oscar live in Wisconsin. During fishing they hear a shot. A racoon-mother was shot. Robby takes the baby of this racoon with him and cares for it. The boy names the racoon Rascal.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.75/10
#drama #historical
tv Little Lulu to Chicchai Nakama
Little Lulu to Chicchai Nakama
<p>The adventures of Little Lulu and her friends. The series is based on the famous character from comic strips and comic books.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.63/10
#comedy #kids
movie Sekai Meisaku Douwa: Hakuchou no Ouji
Sekai Meisaku Douwa: Hakuchou no Ouji
<p>A japanese version of the tale with an evil wizard, a princess, the genie and of course no songs what so ever... Much more action and the characters are more complex and well developed.</p><p> Based on a story found in both "Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" and "Grimm`s Fairy Tales."</p>
finished airing
• 6.82/10
tv Magne Robo Gakeen
Magne Robo Gakeen
<p>Dr. Kazuki, who perceived of an invasion of Earth by the Izaru people builds a robot based on the science of magnetism and sphere joint theory. Undergoing a dangerous augmentation process, Dr. Kazuki's daughter Mai becomes the pilot of "Mighty" or "Magnetman Minus". Takeshi Houjou becomes the pilot of "Puraiza" or "Magnetman Plus". </p><p> The pilots would hold each other and then physically trasform their joint bodies in a metallic plate locking itself on the Gakeen (Short for "Gathering Keen") robot's frame thus enabling the super robot to move and fight. This sequence was notable, to an adult's eye, for its almost-sexual connotation.</p><p> (Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 6.44/10
#action #mecha #sci-fi
tv Groizer X
Groizer X
<p>The Gaira aliens, hidden in the Arctic, plan to conquer Earth. Captured and forced to work for the aliens, Dr. Yan creates the ultimate weapon, a transformable aerial robot called Gloizer X. Entrusted to his daughter Rita, Gloizer X escapes the clutches of the Gaira and lands in Japan, where pilot Jo Kaisaka meets a wounded Rita. Taking up the controls of Gloizer X, Jo and Rita fight against the Gaira invasion.</p>
finished airing
• 6.52/10
#mecha #sci-fi
tv Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster
Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster
<p>The peace of the world is suddenly threatened by Mogool, which is located on the bottom of the sea. Helqeen, tyrannical master of the Mogoolian Empire, attempts to conquer the earth with her faithful companions Goroskie and Zan-gack.</p><p> In order to frustrate their ambition, Dr. Yuri, who predicted this horrible occasion, organizes four powerful robots to form the Blocker Corps! He also gathers four members who have the super ability known as "elepath" - a talent for maneuvering gigantic robots.</p><p> A fierce battle begins between our Blocker Corps and Mogool at the risk of their lives! A series of fantastic and fabulous battles unfolds.</p><p> (Source: Nippon Animation)</p>
finished airing
• 6.31/10
#action #mecha #sci-fi
tv Jetter Mars
Jetter Mars
<p>In 2015 A.D., Dr. Yamanoue, the Secretary of the Science Ministry, who devotes himself assembles the Android robot on an artificial island. He intends to live together with him as his own son. But the robot has a deficiency in his electric brain. He comes to the conclusion that Dr. Kawashimo's help is essential to correct his defective rain. Although they are friends, they are rivals not only in private life but also in scientific study. Dr. Yamanoue is very jingoistic and only thinks of the robot as one of his strategic arms. On the contrary, Dr. Kawashimo is a pacifist and devotes his affection to robots.</p><p> Dr. Kawashimo hurries to the island on request of Dr. Yamanoue, taking his pretty young daughter Miri with him. Arriving on the island, Dr. Kawashimo sets the electric brain into Jet Mars, a robot boy. Thus Mars comes into the world. Everything is new to Mars and he doesn't know what is good or bad. On the next day he lifts Dr. Kawashimo and Miri up onto the building. When he sees a glint of moisture in Miri's eyes, he has a mysterious feeling in his mind. Then he asks Dr. Yamanoue what it is. He is taught that it is a tear a weak girl sheds, but, a strong man never does.</p><p> One day, the electric brain of Fainton, another robot, is put out of order. So Fainton goes-on a wild rampage and the island is plunged into a crisis. When the seawater runs into the facilities from the big hole made by Fainton, only Mars stands in amazement and is quite at a loss what to do just then Miri exhibits her ultra ability and covers the big hole. Led by her, Mars also carries a sheet of iron and makes repairs. At last they rescue Dr. Yamanoue and Dr. Kawashimo from being washed by seawater. Miri is the robot made by Dr. Kawashimo. Mars learns how to cry and learns how to perform a kind deed.</p><p> (Source: Tezuka Production, Toei Animation)</p>
finished airing
• 6.66/10
#action #drama #mecha #sci-fi
movie Bara no Hana to Joe
Bara no Hana to Joe
<p>It's a Sanrio picture that feels partly like an anime art film and partly like a Warner Bros. cartoon. The film features some very creative imagery, a groovy 70's jazz score, and very little spoken dialogue. It's a story about a dog named Joe that falls in love with a rose and protects it from a mean spirited crow. There's some energetic Fritz Freeling style action. There's also some unexpectedly grim tragedy, not including the anticipated outcome, which does occur as expected.</p><p>(Source:</p>
finished airing
• 5.75/10
#drama #kids
tv Kyouryuu Tankentai Born Free
Kyouryuu Tankentai Born Free
<p>When a meteor crashes to Earth, it briefly changes the climate and dinosaurs once again roam the planet. It's up to a newly formed expedition team to relocate the dinosaurs to a safe environment.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.99/10
#action #sci-fi
tv UFO Senshi Dai Apolon 2
UFO Senshi Dai Apolon 2
<p>Second season of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon.</p>
finished airing
• 6.24/10
#action #mecha
tv Ganso Tensai Bakabon
Ganso Tensai Bakabon
<p>A comedy about a former genius who has now become very eccentric and senile. His family deals with all the crazy problems he and his old friends cause around the neighborhood.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.52/10
tv Robokko Beeton
Robokko Beeton
<p>When a boy's uncle sends him confusing plans for a robot from America, the boy makes a mistake in the assembly which leads to unexpected results.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.2/10
#adventure #comedy #kids
tv Hana no Kakarichou
Hana no Kakarichou
<p>A wacky comedy about a man from a noble ancestry of long ago, but who in modern times is just a lowly salary man that is constantly being humiliated by his family and co-workers.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.82/10
#comedy #seinen