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tv Ace wo Nerae!
Ace wo Nerae!
On her first day at Nishi High School, 15-year-old Hiromi Oka is inspired by top player Reika "Ochoufujin" Ryuuzaki to take up tennis. Shortly after joining the school's tennis club, she encounters Jin Munakata, the club's new coach. Munakata puts everyone under rigorous training that even puts Ochoufujin to shame. Despite the hardships, Hiromi's determination prompts the coach to select her as part of the club's main players. Because of this, Hiromi must endure the peer pressure from her seniors to become an ace tennis player.<br><br> (Source: ANN)
finished airing
• 7.07/10
#drama #romance #school #shoujo #sports #action #fantasy #game #sci-fi #adventure #magic #mystery #demons #military #mecha #horror #comedy #seinen #slice of life #ecchi #parody #shounen #dementia
tv Dororon Enma-kun
Dororon Enma-kun
<p>Monsters are coming to the human world from the Hell in order to get human spirits. As people's minds are getting dirty, being attracted by the dirty spirits, the monsters break the rule to go to the human world.</p><p> Tsutomu, a boy who goes to Yokai Elementary School, is suddenly assaulted by monsters. Those who save him from the monsters are Enma-kun, the son of Enma, Yukiko, a snow woman, and Kapaeru. They are members of Monster Patrol that are sent to the human world to arrest monsters.</p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>
finished airing
• 6.32/10
#comedy #fantasy #horror #shounen
tv Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey
<p>One day, Honey Kisaragi's a trendy, class-cutting Catholic schoolgirl. The next, her father's been murdered by demonic divas from a dastardly organization called Panther Claw. When his dying message reveals that she's an android, Honey uses the transformative power of the Atmospheric Element Solidifier - the very thing Panther Claw wanted to steal - to seek revenge against the shadowy clan. Can Honey fight her way up Panther Claw's ranks to defeat its leader, the sinister Sister Jill while managing to escape the watchful eyes of Miss Histler, her school's headmistress?</p><p> Aided by journalist Hayami Seiji, his ninja father, and his lady-loving grade school brother, Honey sometimes appears as a racecar driver, sometimes as a glamorous model, and sometimes as a beggar, but her true identity is none other than the warrior of love, Cutie Honey!</p><p> (Source: RightStuf)</p>
finished airing
• 6.55/10
#action #adventure #school #sci-fi
tv Alps no Shoujo Heidi
Alps no Shoujo Heidi
<p>After becoming an orphan, Heidi is forced to live with her grandfather Öhi, who lives in the Alps. She learns he's a very bitter man who only accepted by force to take her in. But Heidi's kindness may be able to open his heart. Together with the shepherd Peter and invalid Klara, she has lots of adventures.</p><p> (Source: adapted from ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.3/10
#drama #historical
tv Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan
Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan
<p>As a result of a traffic accident, Limit-chan is reborn as a cyborg and is given three types of supernatural powers. However, there is a catch: if she uses too much of them, her life will come to an end.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 5.96/10
#comedy #school #shoujo #magic #sci-fi
movie Mazinger Z vs. Dr. Hell
Mazinger Z vs. Dr. Hell
<p>Episode 57 "Dr. Hell Occupies Japan" of the original TV show, shown as a movie.</p>
finished airing
• 6.5/10
#action #drama #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
tv Shinzou Ningen Casshern
Shinzou Ningen Casshern
<p>The brilliant Dr. Azuma created many robots to aid humankind. However, during a thunderstorm his lab was struck by lightning, corrupting the programming of one of his robots, BK-1, who renames himself Braiking Boss and declares that instead of serving mankind, mankind will now serve him! He brings other robots together into an overwhelming army bent on enslaving the human race. </p><p> Tetsuya, Dr. Azuma's son, asks his father to turn him into an indestructible android so that he will have the power to destroy the threat his father inadvertently created. Shortly thereafter, Braiking Boss captures Dr. Azuma and his wife, Tetsuya, now renamed Casshern, sets out to turn the tide of the war and rescue his parents, with the help of his girlfriend, Luna, and robot dog, Friender. </p>
finished airing
• 6.85/10
movie Shijin no Shougai
Shijin no Shougai
<p>A worker is fired from a factory for demanding a wage increase. His mother, worn thin by poverty, is caught in her own spinning wheel. Then a strange storm buries the town in snow, freezing rich and poor alike. Another short film by Kihachiro Kawamoto</p>
finished airing
• 5.78/10
#drama #fantasy #psychological
tv Karate Baka Ichidai
Karate Baka Ichidai
<p>Based on Ooyama Masutatsu's early years.</p>
finished airing
• 6.75/10
tv Bouken Korobokkuru
Bouken Korobokkuru
<p>The adventures of a human and three little gnomes.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.33/10
movie Kikansha Yaemon: D51 no Daibouken
Kikansha Yaemon: D51 no Daibouken
<p>Traditionally animated movie based on a bestseller picture book by Agawa Hiroyuki, illustrated by Okabe Fuyuhiko and published in 1959 by Iwanami Shoten Publishing.</p>
finished airing
• 5.59/10
#fantasy #kids
tv Zero Tester
Zero Tester
<p>A series of space accidents turn out to be the work of the Armanoid aliens, who plan to conquer Earth. Professor Tachibana gathers a team around him at the Future Science Invention Center and prepares five state-of-the-art vehicles for Shin, Go, Lisa, and Captain Kenmotsu. Three of the Tester vehicles combine to make the giant Zero Tester robot, which successfully sees off the Armanoid invasion in 39 episodes. The rest of the series, retitled ZT: Save the Earth! (Chikyu o Mamotte!), was aimed at a younger age group and featured an attack by the new Gallos aliens.</p>
finished airing
• 6.21/10
#action #adventure #mecha #sci-fi
tv Samurai Giants
Samurai Giants
<p>Ban Banjou is an insolent wild boy who was raised on the rough sea in Tosa, southern Japan. He joined the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants in Japanese pro baseball league such a baseball pitcher noted for the blazing fastball and the worst control. He fights hard battles against his rival batters, developing his incredible pitching magics.</p>
finished airing
• 6.6/10
tv Dame Oyaji
Dame Oyaji
<p>Dame Oyaji is the story of Damesuke Amano, a hapless office worker who faces a tremendous amount of bullying on the job and especially at home, where he has (contrary to traditional Japanese notions of family) absolutely no power or say in the runnings of the household whatsoever.</p><p>Amano lives with his wife, Onibaba, his beautiful teenaged daughter Yukiko, and his grade-schooler son Takobo. Onibaba is an imposing, violent heifer of a woman who regularly berates and even physically assaults her husband and who enjoys nothing more than making his life miserable; Yukiko and Takobo frequently join in physically and psychologically abusing their father.</p><p>The original manga is said to have been quite shocking to early 1970s Japan, in which the father was often still traditionally regarded as the head of the household.</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 6.04/10