summer 1964 Season

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movie Memory
<p>This is a short, privately produced animated film. While elucidating the mystery and fuzziness as well as merits and demerits of memory in idealizing reality, the story develops into a tale of destruction of human beings, turning the existence of the earth into a memory of the universe. The production, only 5 minutes long, greatly helps expand the viewer's imagination, embodying the enchantment of animation.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.17/10
movie Ningyo
<p>In a fictional place where using the imagination is banned, a boy saves a fish, which surprises everyone by turning into a mermaid. The boy is arrested for imagining this "nonsense", and is robbed of his imagination as punishment. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.48/10
movie Astro Boy: The Brave in Space
Astro Boy: The Brave in Space
<p>From the TV series of "Astro Boy," three episodes were selected for theater re-edition, "Robot Rocket" (46th episode), "Earth Defense Troops" (56th episode) and "The Last Day of Earth" (71st episode). Of these three, "Earth Defense Troops" was the only one originally derived from Tezuka Osamu's story "Number 7." Its settings were diverted to the "Astro Boy" series. In this film, the whole scene of "Earth Defense Troops" and a part of "The Last Day of Earth" were reproduced in color for this theater version.</p><p>(Source: Official site)</p>
finished airing
• 6.44/10
#action #adventure #drama #mecha #sci-fi #shounen
movie Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru: Nazo no Arabiya Ningyou
Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru: Nazo no Arabiya Ningyou
<p>Kidnapped and rescued by a Ninja, Fujimaru has mastered martial arts over the years. Now he sets off on a journey to find his mother and also locate an old tome containing secret martial arts techniques.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.38/10
#action #adventure #shounen