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movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble
Trigun: Badlands Rumble

20 years after meddling into the bank heist of a notorious robber named Gasback, Vash the Stampede is heading towards Macca City. Rumors say that the legendary thief might appear there causing an enormous influx of bounty hunters in the area who want to collect the $$300,000,000 prize for his head.

(Source: ANN)

finished airing
• 8.02/10
#action #comedy #sci-fi
tv Heroman
<p>Joey is an orphan living with his grandmother in Center City on the West Coast of the United States of America. Joey, like any other boy his age, is interested in robots and gadgets and dreams about owning a particular toy robot called a Heybo. Heybos have very advanced mechanisms and controls but with great mechanisms comes great price; the robot is too expensive for Joey, whose only source of income is a part-time job at a restaurant and he needs that money to help support himself and his grandmother.</p><p> One day, when Joey is on his way home from school, he happens upon a couple of bullies who are playing around with a Heybo. Long story short, the bullies manage to get the robot run over by a car and Joey retrieves the wreckage from a trash can. Once home, Joey fixes the robot and names it Heroman. Later that night, a thunderstorm results in Heroman getting wet and, improbably, struck by lightning. The result is amazing, Heroman grows massive in size, gets emblazoned with the colors of the American flag and responds to Joey's commands!</p><p> At the same time in space, an alien race called the Skrugg is preparing an invasion of Earth. Now it's up to Joey and Heroman to save Earth!</p>
finished airing
• 6.88/10
#action #shounen #sci-fi
ova To LOVE-Ru OVA
<p> Lala invents a gizmo to make her bust bigger. However, this invention of hers accidentally turns Rito into a woman. </p><p> Feeling lonely because Rito is always spending time with Lala, Mikan storms out of the house. While Rito and Lala are out looking for her a few flashbacks from the past, showing Rito and Mikan as kids, are shown.</p><p> Haruna wins an island resort trip for ten females. Rito gets turned into a dog by one of Lala's inventions and somehow ends up on the island as well.</p><p> Rito and the girls become trapped inside an RPG game where the objective is to save Lala and defeat the evil witch Kyouko.</p><p> Lala's sisters cause mischief for Rito and his harem at a cherry blossom viewing.</p>
finished airing
• 7.4/10
#comedy #ecchi #school #shounen #harem #sci-fi
tv Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
Japan, 1955: Mario Minakami has just arrived at Shounan Special Reform School along with six other teenagers who have been arrested on serious criminal charges. All assigned to the same cell, they meet older inmate Rokurouta Sakuragi—a former boxer—with whom they establish a close bond. Under his guidance, and with the promise that they will meet again on the outside after serving their sentences, the delinquents begin to view their hopeless situation in a better light.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin follows the seven cellmates as they struggle together against the brutal suffering and humiliation inflicted upon them by Ishihara, a sadistic guard with a grudge on Rokurouta, and Gisuke Sasaki, a doctor who takes pleasure in violating boys. Facing such hellish conditions, the seven inmates must scrape together all the strength they have to survive until their sentences are up; but even if they do, just what kind of lives are waiting for them on the other side?

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
finished airing
• 8.54/10
#drama #historical #thriller #seinen
movie Bungaku Shoujo
Bungaku Shoujo
<p>The protagonist of the story, Konoha Inoue, is a seemingly normal senior high 2nd year student. His high school life, other than a hinted incident 2 years ago, can be summed up as normal- if one can dismiss the secret fact that he used to be a female bestselling romance author. Due to that incident, however, he has now vowed never to write again.</p><p> This continued on until he was forced to join the literary club by the literary club president, the 3rd year female student Amano Touko, a beautiful girl who has a taste for eating literary works. Now he has been tasked with writing her snack every day after school.</p><p> (Source: To Say Nothing of the Dog) </p>
finished airing
• 7.48/10
#mystery #drama #romance #school
movie Detective Conan Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky
Detective Conan Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky
<p>Kid has his eyes set on the "Lady of the Sky" jewel aboard Bell 3, the largest airship in the world. However, a mysterious terrorist group called Red Shamu-neko (Red Siamese Cat) has hijacked the airship itself, along with Conan and his allies Kogoro and Ran.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 8.16/10
#action #mystery #shounen #police
tv Angel Beats!
Angel Beats!
<p>Otonashi awakens only to learn he is dead. A rifle-toting girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife, and Otonashi realizes the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. Yuri tells him that she leads the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and wages war against a girl named Tenshi. Unable to believe Yuri's claims that Tenshi is evil, Otonashi attempts to speak with her, but the encounter doesn't go as he intended.</p><p> Otonashi decides to join the SSS and battle Tenshi, but he finds himself oddly drawn to her. While trying to regain his memories and understand Tenshi, he gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife.</p><p> [Written by MAL Rewrite]</p>
finished airing
• 8.25/10
#action #comedy #drama #school
movie Break Blade 1: Kakusei no Toki
Break Blade 1: Kakusei no Toki
<p>In the continent of Cruzon, an impending war between the Kingdom of Krisna and the nation of Athens is brimming. The people of this land are able to use quartz for whatever purpose they desire. Yet one person, Rygart Arrow, is not. He is an "un-sorcerer," a person unable to use quartz. But this characteristic will enable him to pilot an ancient Golem, one strong enough to put up a fight against the invading army of Athens.</p>
finished airing
• 7.71/10
#action #fantasy #mecha #shounen #military
tv Hakuouki

The protagonist, Yukimura Chizuru, is the daughter of a doctor who works in Edo. The father leaves Edo to work as a volunteer doctor and moves to Kyoto without his daughter. As time passes by, Chizuru starts worrying about losing contact with her father, so she decides to go to Kyoto in search of him. On the way, Chizuru is attacked by few criminals and witnesses a fight between an oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody and saving her, the Shinsengumi debate on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. So they decide to become Chizuru's protectors and help her look for her father (the doctor). Lots of events happen while she stays with the Shinsengumi, as they discover mysterious secrets and also fight against the Bakumatsu group. The story is overall romantic with a historical and political background.

(Source: Hakuouki official website)

finished airing
• 7.5/10
#action #drama #historical #shoujo #josei
tv Saikyou Bushouden: Sangoku Engi
Saikyou Bushouden: Sangoku Engi
<p>Chinese-Japanese anime adaptation of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" classic novel.</p><p> Lui Bei embarks on a journey to quell the chaos that plagues his homeland, bringing with him his sworn brothers, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. With only a small army and no land Lui Bei is forced to take a subservient role to other Generals, in order to keep him safe from those who continually come after his life.</p>
finished airing
• 7.07/10
tv Working!!
<p>Set in a family restaurant in Hokkaido, the northern prefecture of Japan, 16-year-old high school student Souta Takanashi works part-time along with his strange co-workers: Popura Taneshima, a high school girl who's a year older than Souta, yet easily mistaken for an elementary/middle schooler, and Kyoko Shirafuji, the 28-year-old store manager who doesn't bother to do any work at all. </p><p> (Source: NIS America) </p>
finished airing
• 7.75/10
#comedy #slice of life #romance
ova GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA
GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA
<p>GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA. "I Want to Draw the Blue Sky"</p>
finished airing
• 7.14/10
#comedy #school #seinen #slice of life
tv Senkou no Night Raid
Senkou no Night Raid
<p>The year is 1931. The city is Shanghai. Ten years before America will enter World War II, the hydra's teeth planted by the first great global conflict are beginning to germinate. Hatching like spiders, they weave the complex web of plots and conspiracies destined to inevitably draw entire nations to the brink of destruction. Caught in the heart of these webs, desperately seeking to separate lies from truth, is "Sakurai Kikan," an ultra-secret intelligence agency staffed by extraordinarily talented individuals with abilities far beyond those of normal humans. Their duty: to stop the darkest plots and eliminate the greatest threats. But in a city built on intrigue, can even a team of clairvoyants, telepaths and espers stand against the ultimate forces of destiny?</p><p> (Source: Sentai Filmworks)</p>
finished airing
• 6.91/10
#action #historical #military
tv Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
<p>Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at a once-all-boys-turned-co-ed school. She rules the school with a strict discipline demeanor, but she has a secret: she works at a maid cafe due to her family's circumstances. One day, the popular A-student and notorious heart-breaker Takumi Usui finds out her secret and makes a deal with her to keep it hush from the school in exchange for spending some time with him.</p><p> (Source: ANN, edited)</p>
finished airing
• 8.15/10
#comedy #romance #school #shoujo
tv Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru
<p>Sakurai Yuki is an orphan with a mysterious ability. Found near the fence of his current home, the Asahi Orphanage, Yuki strives for independence. The last thing he wants is to be a burden on anybody. His ability makes this nearly impossible, however; whenever he touches someone, he feel their emotions and see the darkness within their hearts and exactly what caused such darkness. Unable to control his ability, Yuki has often made insensitive blunders while trying to empathize with the person he feels pain for. Now, however, with death threats clouding his judgement and his ability increasing immensely, what will happen when a man claiming to be Yuki's older brother appears?</p>
finished airing
• 7.35/10
#adventure #drama #fantasy #shoujo
tv Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
<p>After enrolling at the Constant Magic Academy, Akuto Sai discovers he's not just a gifted student with magical powers; he's destined to become the Demon King. And though he's not that crazy about the idea, it drives the girls wild! From the sexy school girls in his class to the skin-obsessed android who's programmed to seduce him, Akuto has no shortage of wacky girl trouble. How much temptation can a demon king take?</p><p> (Source: Sentai Filmworks)</p>
finished airing
• 7.05/10
#action #comedy #ecchi #fantasy #school #shounen #harem #magic
tv Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders
<p>Dan, Marucho, and Shun get caught up in a war between two different alien factions in another universe, and teaming up with three new brawlers: the Neathian, Fabia, the new human, Jake, and the Gundalian, Ren, in order to stop the evil Gundalian Protectors, the Twelve Orders from destroying Neathia, and possibly, Earth. They meet these people by them entering through the virtual reality Bakugan Interspace. The stakes are high! Will the Battle Brawlers triumph, saving the Bakugan once more?</p><p> (Source: Bakugan Wikia)</p>
finished airing
• 6.32/10
#action #adventure #fantasy #game #shounen
movie Hetalia Axis Powers Movie: Paint it, White
Hetalia Axis Powers Movie: Paint it, White
<p>The movie involves a mysterious force causing unusual incidents to happen all over the world, and the nations having to try to ward off the threat of human extinction from the alien race known as Pict, who seek to transform mankind and drain the color from the world (with America deciding that the world will be saved under his command).</p><p> (Source: WikiHetalia)</p>
finished airing
• 7.33/10
#comedy #historical #parody
movie Gintama Movie: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen
Gintama Movie: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen
Gintoki and his Yorozuya friends (or rather, employees suffering under labor violations), Shinpachi and Kagura, continue to scrape by in the futuristic, alien-infested city of Edo. They take on whatever work they can find while trying not to get involved in anything too dangerous. But when Katsura, the leader of the Joui rebels and Gintoki's long-time acquaintance, disappears after being brutally attacked by an unknown assassin, Shinpachi and Kagura begin an investigation into his whereabouts and the identity of the assailant. Meanwhile, Gintoki takes on a seemingly unrelated job: the blacksmith Tetsuya requests that Gin recover a strange and powerful sword called the Benizakura which was recently stolen.

As the two investigations gradually intersect, the Yorozuya crew find themselves in the midst of a major conspiracy that hinges on the sinister nature of the Benizakura sword. Gintoki resolves to take the fight directly to the enemy headquarters, and together with a few unexpected allies, sets out on one of his most perilous jobs yet.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
finished airing
• 8.5/10
#action #comedy #historical #parody #shounen #sci-fi
tv Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
<p>Life gets crazy for Hakufu when she takes on a pupil that acts just like her! A tournament between the school heads start, but due to Hakufu's negligence, her pupil ends up taking her place. The tournament isn't what it seems, and the girls find themselves in the middle of a plot to take over the clans. </p><p> (Source: FUNimation) </p>
finished airing
• 6.86/10
#action #ecchi #school #martial arts
tv Saraiya Goyou
Saraiya Goyou
<p>Masterless samurai Akitsu Masanosuke is a skilled and loyal swordsman, but his naïve, diffident nature has time and again caused him to be let go by the lords who have employed him. Hungry and desperate, he becomes a bodyguard for Yaichi, the charismatic leader of a gang called "Five Leaves." Although disturbed by the gang's sinister activities, Masa begins to suspect that Yaichi's motivations are not what they seem. And despite his misgivings, the deeper he's drawn into the world of the Five Leaves, the more he finds himself fascinated by these devious, mysterious outlaws.</p><p> (Source: MU)</p>
finished airing
• 7.86/10
#historical #seinen
tv Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Mayoi Neko Overrun!
A heart warming love comedy. Tsuzuki Takumi is a high school boy, who is running a confectionery "Stray Cats" with his sister-in-law Otome. Otome is an extremely good-natured person and is always running around to help people. One day she brings home a runaway girl Kiriya Nozomi. Nozomi's closed mind gradually opens to them as she works as a pâtissière at Stray Cats.

(Source: Official Site)
finished airing
• 6.81/10
#comedy #romance #harem
tv Kiss x Sis (TV)
Kiss x Sis (TV)
<p>Keita has two older step-sisters, Ako and Riko, but since they aren't related by blood, they love him in a lustful way. After a mishap at school, Ako and Riko finally confess their love to him. Keita dislikes the thought of seeing them other than brother and sister, but as he tries to enter the same school as his sisters, he slowly becomes attracted to them. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.85/10
#comedy #ecchi #romance #school #harem #seinen
tv Arakawa Under the Bridge
Arakawa Under the Bridge
<p>Kou Ichinomiya has always lived according to the creed of his wealthy, successful family: never be in debt to anyone. But one day, under the Arakawa Bridge, his life is saved by a homeless girl named Nino. In order to pay her back, Kou promises to be her boyfriend; and thus begins his new life under the bridge.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.64/10
#comedy #romance #seinen
tv Major S6
Major S6
<p>The sixth season begins after the "Baseball World Cup" has ended. Goro regained his passion for baseball in Japan thanks to his friends, and left to join the Hornets baseball team in preperation to the new season. When he arrives in America he starts to celebrate his role as a Major League pitcher at last! Goro's family and friends gathers in groups in Japan to watch Goro's debut in the Major League. However, Goro's debut is the beginning of a line of surprising happenings, that has an outcome no one expected... </p>
finished airing
• 8.37/10
#comedy #drama #sports
tv Giant Killing
Giant Killing
<p>East Tokyo United, ETU, has been struggling in Japan's top football league for a few years. It has taken everything they have just to avoid relegation. To make matters even worse, the fans are starting to abandon the team.</p><p> In an effort to improve their performance, ETU has hired a new coach, the slightly eccentric Tatsumi Takeshi. Tatsumi, who was considered a great football player when he was younger, abandoned the team years before but has proven himself as the manager of one of England's lower division amateur teams. The task won't be easy, the teams East Tokyo United is pitted against have bigger budgets and better players. However, Tatsumi is an expert at Giant Killing.</p>
finished airing
• 7.63/10
#sports #seinen #drama
tv Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen
<p>Picking up where the original series left off, Ren Mihashi, the ace pitcher of the newly-formed Nishiura High School baseball team, and his teammates face the Sakitama High School team in the next round of the High School Baseball Invitational Tournament as they aim to play in the finals at legendary Hanshin Koushien Stadium.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 8.09/10
#comedy #sports
special 11eyes: Momoiro Genmutan
11eyes: Momoiro Genmutan
<p>Extra Blu-ray/DVD Episode 13 included on vol. 7. </p><p> In this special episode, Kakeru and the team enter a "Pink Night" instead of red. The "Black Knights" are now "Pink Ero-Rangers" and Lisolette is a bondage driver. The team's powers are also warped with an erotic twist. Kakeru can see through clothes, Yuka can change the boys into girls, Misuzu's swords are vibrators, Kukuri can speak, but only says and draws profanities, Yukiko becomes sexually excited when she takes off her glasses, and Takahisa shoots a small spout of water from his finger. This episode is merely a parody and is in no way related to the original storyline.</p>
finished airing
• 6.18/10
#comedy #ecchi
tv Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
One autumn evening at a mysterious ramen stand behind the Shimogamo Shrine, a lonely third-year college student bumps into a man with an eggplant-shaped head who calls himself a god of matrimony. Meeting this man causes the student to reflect upon his past two years at college—two years bitterly spent trying to break up couples on campus with his only friend Ozu, a ghoulish-looking man seemingly set on making his life as miserable as possible. Resolving to make the most out of the rest of his college life, the student attempts to ask out the unsociable but kind-hearted underclassman Akashi, yet fails to follow through, prompting him to regret not living out his college life differently. As soon as this thought passes through his head, however, he is hurtled through time and space to the beginning of his years at college and given another chance to live his life.

Surreal, artistic, and mind-bending, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei chronicles the misadventures of a young man on a journey to make friends, find love, and experience the rose-colored campus life he always dreamed of.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
finished airing
• 8.62/10
#mystery #romance #psychological
tv Ring ni Kakero 1: Kage Dou-hen
Ring ni Kakero 1: Kage Dou-hen
<p>After defeating Black Shaft's makeshift Team America, the Golden Japan Jr. team returns to training for the World Tournament that will be held in Tokyo. But during training the Shadow Clan, which uses boxing as an assassination technique, kidnaps Kiku in order to lure Ryuji and the others into a fight to see who's truly the better representatives of Japan's junior boxers.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.77/10
#action #shounen #sports
tv B Gata H Kei
B Gata H Kei
<p>Yamada, first name withheld, is a 15-year-old girl who has just entered Takizawa High School. Easily considered exceptionally beautiful, she has only one problem with her own body, she thinks her vagina looks weird and is very self-conscious about it.</p><p>Upon entering high school, her dream was to have casual sex with 100 men but therein lies the problem, she believes an experienced partner will tease her about the way her vagina looks or simply the fact that she's a virgin. She stumbles upon the solution in the form of Kosuda Takashi, a fellow virgin, whom she believes will help ease the transition to more experienced partners.</p><p>There's only one small problem, Yamada doesn't know anything about sex or the ancient art of seduction, meaning her quest to conquer Kosuda will be a difficult one.</p>
finished airing
• 7.04/10
#comedy #ecchi #romance #school #seinen
special Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Specials
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Specials
<p>The candid shots of Muttsurini's female and male classmates that fund his surveillance habits.</p>
finished airing
• 7.41/10
#comedy #school #magic
ova Chi&#039;s Sweet Home OVA
Chi&#039;s Sweet Home OVA
<p>Chi meets a someone new at the park and tries to befriend him.</p>
finished airing
• 7.42/10
#comedy #kids
ova Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV
<p>This OVA will reveal the truth about Juri's evil eye and feature plenty of Cammy and the Dolls.</p><p>(Source: Capcom)</p>
finished airing
• 6.42/10
#action #adventure #shounen
special Nodame Cantabile Finale Special
Nodame Cantabile Finale Special
<p>DVD-only episode of Nodame Cantabile Finale, taking place before the first episode of Finale.</p>
finished airing
• 7.88/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei
tv Shin Koihime&dagger;Musou: Otome Tairan
Shin Koihime&dagger;Musou: Otome Tairan
<p>The third season of Koihime Musou.</p><p>Han's high court general Kashin (何進) was forced to swallow a cursed pill from Chou Jou. The effect is slowly turning her into a cat, which she dislikes. Chou Jou also made use of the emperor's name to dispose her from the Han court as a traitor.</p><p>She met Kada during her escape while Kada brought her to the Touka village, whom he believes they would help her.</p>
finished airing
• 7.09/10
#adventure #comedy #ecchi #fantasy #historical
ova Nodame Cantabile OVA 2
Nodame Cantabile OVA 2
<p>An anime-original story written by Ninomiya Tomoko, this is an extra episode that falls between the end of Nodame Cantabile (Finale) and Nodame Cantabile Opera-hen. It's spring. Nodame is getting very close to graduating from the Conservatoire and Chiaki is keeping himself busy professionally.</p>
finished airing
• 7.63/10
#comedy #music #romance #josei
special So Ra No Wo To Specials
So Ra No Wo To Specials
<p>According to the official website, two extra episodes will be included in the Blu-ray and DVD volumes 4 and 7 of "Sora no Woto". The volumes 4 and 7 will be released on June 23rd (episode 7.5) and September 22nd (episode 13), respectively.</p>
finished airing
• 7.58/10
#music #military #sci-fi #slice of life
tv Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
<p>The Fairytale World is in trouble. Its princesses and their respective worlds are disappearing, causing a ripple effect in the human world where their stories are popular. In order to save the Fairytale World, the Queen sends three magic animals, Sei, Dai, and Ryoku, to the human world with magic gems to find three girls who can become the "Super Miracle Idols," the princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Kaguya-hime. Those "princesses" end up being three little girls: Yukimori Ringo, Takashiro Layla, and Sasahara Natsuki. But the gems transform them into older singing superstars, and after their accidental debut at the singer Wish's concert, they become known as "Little Princesses," or "LilPri." Now they must collect Happiness Tones from humans in order to restore the Fairytale World.</p>
finished airing
• 7.14/10
#shoujo #magic
tv Jewelpet Twinkle☆
Jewelpet Twinkle☆
<p>In Jewel Land, Jewelpets, creatures who has the natural ability to use magic lived in harmony with the Witches, attending the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn to use magic with their Jewel Eyes. However for Ruby, a white Japanese Hare whose magic sometimes fail, is appointed to go to the Human World to search for her partner. But when she used the card the magicians gave her, she was sent to the Human World by accident. In the Human World, A girl named Akari Sakura met her on the beach on her way to school. At first, Akari can't understand her due to her Jewel Land Language until Ruby took a special candy so she could speak and understand human language. As the day passes, Ruby knew about her problems and later apologized. A Jewel Charm appeared on Akari's hand and she realized it that she's chosen by Ruby to be her partner. After that, she decided to enter the Jewel Star Grand Prix, on the prize is that any wish that they wanted will be granted. Will she be the Next Jewel Star and her wish be granted in the end? Or It'll just end in one big disaster...</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 7.53/10
#shoujo #magic #school #fantasy
movie Mizuki Shigeru no Toono Monogatari
Mizuki Shigeru no Toono Monogatari
<p>An anime movie based on Mizuki Shigeru's manga</p> Mizuki Shigeru no Toono Monogatari <p>. Toono Monogatari was originally the Japanese folklorist Yanagida Kunio's classical literature based on the oral traditions of Toono city. It's about Yokai such as Tengu, Kappa, and Zashikiwarashi.</p>
finished airing
• 6.75/10
#adventure #fantasy
tv SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors
SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors
<p>A Romance of the Three Kingdoms retelling using SD Gundams.</p>
finished airing
• 6.44/10
#action #historical #mecha
movie Planzet
<p>In 2047, an unknown, alien life-form descends upon the Earth, destroying all the major cities in one fell swoop. The survivors unite and build a Diffusor to stop the Februus, the invaders the military would later codename the FOS, and a temporary peace is achieved. Jump forward to 2053, the present. PLANZET: The final plan, Plan Zed, to retake Planet Earth. A last, desperate counterattack against the enemy. Hiroshi Akishima, soldier in the Planetary Defense Forces Alliance, would like nothing better than a shot at the aliens responsible for his father's death six years ago. However, the new offensive requires the Diffusor to be dropped, leaving the entire planet terribly vulnerable once more. Will humanity regain the stars or lose everything in the final, ultimate gamble?</p><p>(Source: Sentai Filmworks)</p>
finished airing
• 5.65/10
#action #mecha #sci-fi
ova Detective Conan Magic File 4: Osaka Okonomiyaki Odyssey
Detective Conan Magic File 4: Osaka Okonomiyaki Odyssey
<p>Another special to accompany the release of the 14th feature film, The Lost Ship in the Sky. Along with a number of previous episodes, the original episode contained within will take place after the events of the film.</p>
finished airing
• 7.6/10
#comedy #mystery #shounen #police
tv Ketsuinu
<p>Ketsuinu is a dog with a butt-like face. The unidentified creature comes out of nowhere and quickly multiplies. In the end, the owners' faces turn into butts...</p>
finished airing
• 5.78/10
movie Crayon Shin-chan Movie 18: Chou Jikuu! Arashi wo Yobu Ora no Hanayome
Crayon Shin-chan Movie 18: Chou Jikuu! Arashi wo Yobu Ora no Hanayome
<p>From a bleak future, Shinnosuke Nohara sends a girl named Tamiko on a mission to bring his five-year-old self to that time period right before being captured. Reaching the past, she claims to be Shin-chan's bride and takes him and his friends on a wild adventure to try to save the world to come.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.44/10
#comedy #ecchi #kids #school #shounen #sci-fi #adventure #seinen
tv Marie &amp; Gali ver. 2.0
Marie &amp; Gali ver. 2.0
<p>The second season of Marie & Gali.</p>
finished airing
• 6.05/10
tv Metal Fight Beyblade: Baku
Metal Fight Beyblade: Baku
<p>The second season of Metal Fight Beyblade. The episode numbers continue from 52.</p>
finished airing
• 6.84/10
#adventure #comedy #sports
tv Doubutsu Kankyou Kaigi
Doubutsu Kankyou Kaigi
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p>to update this information.</p>
finished airing
• 5.64/10
ona Kihei Senki Legacies
Kihei Senki Legacies
<p>This entry was originally meant to be a 52 episode TV series. Unfortunately, the project was canceled, leaving only a 52 second trailer.</p><p>The concept of the series:</p><p>The story takes place in Kisshou City, one of a few remaining oases surrounded by lifeless land devastated by a long world war. Wreckages of humanoid weapons, called "Legacies", are collected and reassembled by the residents of the city. One day, a gang of bandits approaches the city to seize the secrets hidden in the Legacies. The mayor decides to intercept them with a special robot Ω99, which has remained intact since the war. A teenage boy Yamato is called up for the pilot. He is just an ordinary gamer who doesn't even know about the city's crisis.</p>
finished airing
• 4.49/10
#fantasy #mecha
special Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Specials
Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Specials
<p>Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Blu-ray and DVD specials.</p>
finished airing
• 6.68/10
#comedy #ecchi
movie Break Blade 2: Ketsubetsu no Michi
Break Blade 2: Ketsubetsu no Michi
<p>Second Break Blade movie.</p>
finished airing
• 7.78/10
#action #fantasy #mecha #shounen #military
ona Honey Tokyo
Honey Tokyo
<p>Small short to advertise the Tokyo Metropolitan area.</p>
finished airing
• 5.83/10
tv Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Second Collection
Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Second Collection
<p>The continuation of Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou with a new title. Episode numbers continue from 51.</p>
finished airing
• 6.53/10
#comedy #romance #school #shoujo
ova Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
<p>Tsubaki is a girl who loves making her younger sister's hair pretty every morning, but she doesn't think that kind of style suits herself!</p><p>On the day of her High School Opening Ceremony, after she failed to be the top student (who usually makes the ceremony speech), she finds herself sitting next to the actual top student of the 1st years, the worst rude guy ever, Kyouta.</p><p>Because of his saying bad things to her she purposely cuts his hair. Kyota requests that Tsubaki pay him back "with her body" but Tsubaki pays him back by fixing his hair and making it even shorter! Afterwards, Kyota unexpectedly kisses Tsubaki and swears he'll make her his woman.</p><p>(Source: Shoujo Manga Maniac)</p>
finished airing
• 6.58/10
#romance #school #shoujo
special Mayoi Neko Overrun! Specials
Mayoi Neko Overrun! Specials
<p>Mayoi Neko Overrun! Extra.</p>
finished airing
• 6.79/10
#comedy #ecchi
ova Detective Conan OVA 10: Kid in Trap Island
Detective Conan OVA 10: Kid in Trap Island
<p>In this entirely new story produced specifically for the DVD, Conan leads a group of young detectives against the phantom thief Kaitou Kid, who has his eyes set on a jewel at a hotel on an isolated island.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.86/10
#adventure #comedy #mystery #shounen #police
ova Koisuru Boukun
Koisuru Boukun
<p>Being in love with your not-gay senpai isn't easy, but being in love with your not-gay, homophobic and (to top it off) tyrannical senpai can be hell! And that's something Tetsuhiro Morinaga can relate to... especially now that he's had a taste of the forbidden fruit!</p>
finished airing
• 7.46/10
special Seikon no Qwaser Picture Drama
Seikon no Qwaser Picture Drama
<p>BD specials.</p>
finished airing
• 6.06/10
special SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever Episode 0
SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever Episode 0
<p>Episode 0 of SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever, introducing the characters and the world.</p>
finished airing
• 5.43/10
#comedy #sci-fi
special Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama
<p>The students of Ashford Academy are busy preparing for the upcoming school festival. Their preparations are interrupted when terrorists from the Neo-Chinese Federation attack and take control of the school. It's up to Lelouch and and his friends to stop the terrorists from achieving their goals.</p>
finished airing
• 6.96/10
ova One Piece: Strong World Episode 0
One Piece: Strong World Episode 0
<p>Set over 20 years prior to the main One Piece story, this limited release OVA chronicles the confrontation between Gold Lion Shiki and Gold Roger as well as other events around the world around the time of the Pirate King's execution.</p>
finished airing
• 8.08/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #shounen
ova Madobe Nanami no Windows 7 de PC Jisaku Ouen Commercial!!
Madobe Nanami no Windows 7 de PC Jisaku Ouen Commercial!!
<p>Madobe Nanami is a computer store employee who instructs customers on how to magically assemble their PCs. She also shows them some of the features of Windows 7.</p>
finished airing
• 6.22/10
special Senkou no Night Raid Specials
Senkou no Night Raid Specials
<p>Three un-aired episodes included on the BD/DVD volumes. See</p><p>for an episode list.</p>
finished airing
• 6.92/10
#action #historical #military
special Senkou no Night Raid: Yogen
Senkou no Night Raid: Yogen
<p>A recap of Senkou no Night Raid up to the 6th episode, aired on TV instead of the real episode 7 which was broadcast online.</p>
finished airing
• 6.36/10
#action #historical #military
ona Kobe to Watashi
Kobe to Watashi
<p>The short follows a college student named Ai-chan as she wanders aimlessly around Kobe. An unusual figure appears to help guide her around the city.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 4.57/10
#comedy #slice of life
special Senjutsu Choukoukaku Orion
Senjutsu Choukoukaku Orion
<p>The main plot revolves around the Yamata Empire's plan to destroy all the galaxy's negative karma using a massive technological reactor called the Naaga Generator. Unfortunately, negative karma cannot simply be destroyed, it must be atoned for. However the leader of the powerful mystic Buddhist Fuze Clan plans to stop the destruction of the negative karma which will end up creating the nine-headed Naaga and destroy the world if not the whole universe. To help in stopping the creation of the Naaga, the clan summons a Shinto god known as Susano, the Warrior God of Destruction. The powerful, arrogant, and homicidal god faces challenges. These include the Empire and the clan leader's own daughter, the bratty sorceress Seska, who is possessed by the power of the negative Karma and a powerful magic formula.</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 5.25/10
#action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #sci-fi
ona Susume! Gachimuchi Sankyoudai
Susume! Gachimuchi Sankyoudai
<p>A short comedy show about 3 brothers who work out at a gym.</p>
finished airing
• 4.9/10
ona Potecco Babies
Potecco Babies
<p>Anime about potato characters.</p>
finished airing
• 5.14/10
ona Nanchatte!
<p>A satire gag story about politics for adults.</p>
finished airing
• 3.66/10
#comedy #parody
special Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview
<p>KHR: Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview is set of 3 DVD specials in which, Reborn, dressed as host interviews various characters selected by a wheel.</p><p>Episode #1</p><p>Features Reborn as Host, and Tsunayoshi, Gokudera and Xanxus as guests.</p><p>Episode #2</p><p>Features Reborn as Host, and Hibari, Belphegor and Dino as guests.</p><p>Episode #3</p><p>Features Reborn as Host, and, differently than before, four characters which are Byakuran, Mukuro, Squalo and Yamamoto.</p><p>[Written by Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FC]</p>
finished airing
• 7.47/10
ova Zettai Karen Children Gentei Kaikin!! OVA Chou Sakidori Special!!
Zettai Karen Children Gentei Kaikin!! OVA Chou Sakidori Special!!
<p>Summary of the Zettai Karen Children TV series.</p>
finished airing
• 6.88/10
#action #comedy #shounen
ova Yebisu Celebrities
Yebisu Celebrities
<p>When Haruka Fujinami starts his job at Yebisu Graphics he takes an immediate dislike to his tyrannical boss, Mr. Daijou. Haruka is given the most menial tasks imaginable and is subjected to Daijou's verbal abuses as well, but oddly enough, he learns that his attraction to his boss grows with each new humiliation. Will Haruka finally stand up to Daijou and assert himself, or will he completely surrender his body and soul to the tall, dark stranger?</p>
finished airing
• 6.08/10
ova Hetalia Axis Powers Fan Disc
Hetalia Axis Powers Fan Disc
<p>This Fan Disc gathers two of the most popular episodes and re-edits them to create a single story. These episodes are "Chibitalia" and "America's Storehouse Cleaning". The unaired episode "Ore-sama Nikki" is also included.</p>
finished airing
• 7.41/10
#comedy #historical #parody
tv Duel Masters Cross Shock
Duel Masters Cross Shock
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p>to update this information.</p>
finished airing
• 6.39/10
#action #adventure #comedy #shounen
tv Penguin no Mondai Max
Penguin no Mondai Max
<p>The continuation of Penguin no Mondai.</p>
finished airing
• 6.38/10
#comedy #kids
special Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri
Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri
<p>This is a series of 8 short stories inspired by the popular series Prince of Tennis featuring different schools' characters.</p>
finished airing
• 7.32/10
#comedy #drama #shounen #sports
ona Robo to Shoujo (Kari)
Robo to Shoujo (Kari)
<p>Bomahead is about a girl and a robot who live in a junkyard. The robot claims he wants to fight for justice with hero-like abilities, but everything always turns out wrong. The mystery behind the girl and the robot are unraveled through a rapid succession of unexpected turn of events.</p>
finished airing
• 5.65/10
#action #comedy #mecha #sci-fi
tv Little Charo 2
Little Charo 2
<p>NHK's English education program. In Little Charo 2, the puppy journeys with his master through a mysterious place called the Middle World, which lies between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.58/10
#slice of life
special Kyoto Animation: Hana-hen
Kyoto Animation: Hana-hen
<p>Kyoto Animation commercial.</p>
finished airing
• 5.79/10
#slice of life
ova Peeping Life: The Perfect Emotion
Peeping Life: The Perfect Emotion
<p>A sequel to Peeping Life comedy anthology, The Perfect Emotion features 10 new animated versions of improvised comedy sketches.</p>
finished airing
• 5.55/10
#comedy #slice of life
special Hanamaru Youchien: Panda Neko Taisou
Hanamaru Youchien: Panda Neko Taisou
<p>BD specials with the Hanamaru Kindergarten main characters dancing to the Panda Neko theme.</p>
finished airing
• 6.3/10
#comedy #kids #music
special Peeping Life: The Perfect Emotion Special
Peeping Life: The Perfect Emotion Special
<p>Special included in the Peeping Life: The Perfect Emotion's DVD release.</p>
finished airing
• 5.27/10
#comedy #slice of life
special Kaitou Reinya Pilot
Kaitou Reinya Pilot
<p>Pilot episode included as a bonus on the DVD.</p>
finished airing
• 5.4/10
special Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama Flash Special
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama Flash Special
<p>From the</p> Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Kiseki no Birthday <p>DVD/Blu-ray. It is different from the 9 Omake Flash specials included in the Code Geass R2 DVD/Blu-ray.</p>
finished airing
• 6.1/10
tv Shimajirou Hesoka
Shimajirou Hesoka
<p>Third season of the Shimajirou children's television series.</p>
finished airing
• 6.25/10
#adventure #comedy #fantasy #kids #magic
special 11eyes Picture Drama
11eyes Picture Drama
<p>Picture drama specials included on the seventh BD volume of the 11eyes series.</p><p>The stories focused on the Black Knights with jokes.</p>
finished airing
• 5.73/10
movie Youtai Nuhai Zai Shanghai
Youtai Nuhai Zai Shanghai
<p>Set mainly in and around the Shanghai Ghetto in Japanese-occupied Shanghai during the Second World War, the film tells the story of three children.</p><p>Rina and her younger brother Mishalli are Jewish refugees who escaped Europe but are without their parents. A-Gen is a Chinese boy who meets Rina and helps her and her brother to survive.</p><p>The children form strong friendships and have adventures as they try and fend off the Japanese army occupying the city, and their allies, the Nazis. In the background, the Second Sino-Japanese War takes place, while the children must face the uncertainty that concerns the fate of Rina and Mishalli's parents in Europe.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.28/10
#historical #kids #shoujo
ona Hipira-kun ONA
Hipira-kun ONA
<p>The phone-only episodes 11 & 12 of Hipira-kun.</p>
finished airing
• 5.74/10
#comedy #fantasy #kids #vampire
tv Jarujio Animal
Jarujio Animal
<p>The real female idol group PASSPO☆ are the stars of this anime. The PASSPO☆ members are represented as animals and go on flight-attendant adventures.</p>
finished airing
• 6.11/10
#adventure #comedy #parody
special Shoko Nakagawa Prism Tour Special
Shoko Nakagawa Prism Tour Special
<p>A Sunrise-produced special created for Shoko Nakagawa's 2010 Prism Tour.</p>
finished airing
• 5.89/10
special Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
<p>A 6-minute promotion video of the novel.</p>
finished airing
• 6.73/10
#comedy #romance #school
ova Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume The Movie 4: Kaspersky wo Motsu Otoko
Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume The Movie 4: Kaspersky wo Motsu Otoko
<p>Fourth film in the Secret Society Eagle Talon film series. Initially released directly to DVD, but was later screened at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills.</p>
finished airing
• 5.6/10
#comedy #parody
tv Mix Master: Final Force
Mix Master: Final Force
Mix Masters Final Force <p>is the second season of the original mix masters show. In this story, Ditt forgets that he was a mix master. But when the time comes to save the world once again, he finds new friends to help him in his battle against Eva and Babel, the two new antagonists.</p><p>(Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 6.42/10
#adventure #fantasy
tv K-On!!

It's the final year of high school for Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, and Tsumugi Kotobuki, the founding members of the Light Music Club. Together with their junior member, Azusa Nakano, they spend their days after school in the music room enjoying tea and sweets and practicing music. Amidst band practice, preparations for the new student orientation performance, scouting for new members, and student responsibilities, they still have time for "After School Tea Time."

(Source: ANN)

finished airing
• 8.15/10
#comedy #music #school #slice of life