spring 1994 Season

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ova Aa! Megami-sama!
Aa! Megami-sama!
When college student Keiichi Morisato dials the wrong number while ordering for some food at his dormitory, he accidentally gets connected to the Goddess Hotline and a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appears out of a mirror in front of him. After getting kicked out of the dorm, Keiichi and Belldandy move to an old shrine and soon afterwards, Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld move in.
finished airing
• 7.36/10
#comedy #romance #magic #action #fantasy #game #sci-fi #adventure #drama #mystery #demons #military #shoujo #mecha #horror #school #seinen #slice of life
tv Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
<p>In the Year FC 60, much of mankind inhabits space colonies which orbit the Earth. Dominance over the colonies is decided once every four years by a large tournament in which each nation sends a single representative to fight the others with a giant robot called a Gundam. Domon Kashuu is selected to represent Neo-Japan in one of these tournaments, but he fights less to ensure his nation's victory than to find his brother, who has been blamed for the deaths of Domon's parents and the disappearance of a very dangerous weapon, the Dark Gundam or Devil Gundam.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.6/10
#adventure #comedy #drama #mecha #romance #shounen #sports #sci-fi #martial arts
tv Marmalade Boy
Marmalade Boy
<p>Miki Koishikawa lived a normal life - until her parents tell her they'll get divorced.. She doesn't agree, until she meets Yuu Matsuura... the handsome son of another couple, with whom her parents are switching spouses. They all live together now in an enormous house, and Miki and Yuu find themselves falling in love. They'll have to struggle with their own feelings, other people who want to be with them, and whatever Lady Luck and Fate throws in their ways...</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.59/10
#comedy #drama #romance #shoujo
ova Iria: Zeiram The Animation
Iria: Zeiram The Animation
<p>Iria is the story of a girl and the Alien being she loves to hate. The series begins with her brother, Gren, taking a job. He is a bounty hunter, and one well known for his incredible skill. Iria, being a skilled apprentice bounty hunter herself, tags along. What is the job, one might ask. It is to find out what has happened to the crew and cargo of a Space Station. Needless to say, nothing is as it seems, and the war between Iria and Zeiram begins in earnest. </p>
finished airing
• 7.14/10
#action #adventure #sci-fi
tv Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
<p>This season makes a turning point in the Sailor Moon story. The Sailor Senshi are confronted by a new enemy, the Death Busters. Rei had a premonition that this enemy would rule the world in an era called the Silence. To do this, the Death Busters need to find the three Talismans that would summon the Holy Grail. However, two mysterious Sailor Senshi, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, plan to find the Talismans before them... but without Sailor Moon's help.</p>
finished airing
• 7.91/10
#drama #romance #shoujo #magic
ova Houkago no Shokuinshitsu
Houkago no Shokuinshitsu
<p>Two teachers and their ups and downs of being in love with each other.</p>
finished airing
• 5.21/10
#drama #romance
movie Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko
Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko
<p>Faced with the destruction of their habitat due to the growth of Tokyo, a group of tanuki try to defend their homes. They decide to use their transforming talents to try to hold back the new development. Two of them, especially skilled at transforming, are sent to Shikoku to enlist the help of three sages. Meanwhile, the rest of them do their best to disrupt the construction site, at first causing accidents, and then actually haunting the site. However, the humans are very persistent, and soon the tanuki are forced to use more and more extreme measures to save their home.</p><p> (Source: ANN) </p>
finished airing
• 7.39/10
ova Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai
Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai
<p>It is about Amafuji Ken, who longs to tell his best friend Youshinari Ritsurou how he really feels. In the way of that admission is Ritsurou's girlfriend, Moeko. After dropping out of high school, Ken gets Ritsurou to live with him. The angst begins when Ken sleeps with Moeko to get to Ritsurou.</p>
finished airing
• 5.58/10
#drama #romance
ova Future GPX Cyber Formula Zero
Future GPX Cyber Formula Zero
<p>A freak accident during the 12th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix causes Hayato Kazami to miss the rest of the season, and critically injures both his body and his will to continue racing. Hayato's longtime friend, Asuka Sugo, helps nurse him back to health, and in return he proposes to her and promises her that he would never race again. But as time goes on, Hayato begins to doubt whether he really wants to retire, and decides to make a comeback after all. And with the 13th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix now underway, he must struggle to regain his racing form; regain the trust of Asuka, whose promise he broke; and thwart the malicious intents of Henri Clayton. All the while, the reason behind Hayato's accident begins to unveil itself: the "Zero Zone."</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.55/10
#drama #shounen #sports #sci-fi
tv Haou Daikei Ryuu Knight
Haou Daikei Ryuu Knight
<p>Adeu the Sonic, brash young pilot of the Ryu Knight Zephyr, is joined in his travels by Princess Paffy, Priest Izumi and Ninja Sarutobi. They encounter various people of the land, including other Ryus. On the way, Adeu seeks to test his Ryu against others and thereby grow in his abilities.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.65/10
#action #adventure #fantasy #mecha
ova Bakuen Campus Guardress
Bakuen Campus Guardress
<p>Long ago, the gate to the world of darkness was sealed. Now evil warriors, known as Remnants, are trying to reopen the gate and let demons take over the world. However, at Tobira High School, there exist guardians of the gate who must risk their lives to prevent the gate from being opened. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.15/10
#action #comedy #school #shounen
tv Red Baron
Red Baron
<p>In the future, the "Metal Fight" games are the most popular televised sport in the world and many robot contestants compete for the title of Best Metal Fighter in the World. Kurenai Ken, along with teammate Saeba Shoko (who was, at first, adamant), pilots the Super Robot Fighter, Red Baron and enters the contest with dreams of becoming its champion. He must, however, face an army of other rivals from around the world including Kaizer (who is, in fact, Shoko's supposedly "lost" father, Tetsuo Saeba), the Tetsumen Tou ("Iron Fist" - a reference to the original Red Baron TV series) doctors, Tiger and ShinRon.</p><p> (Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 7.19/10
#action #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
ova Shin Cutey Honey
Shin Cutey Honey
<p>Cosplay City is in danger when the evil Dolmeck shows up. Commanding his army of monsters, he plans on destroying everything. Only one person can stop this: Cutey Honey. After she is released from her dormancy, Honey Kisaragi becomes the multi-transformational android Cutey Honey. However, the least is expected when Honey is faced with an old enemy from the past: Panther Zora. </p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.69/10
#adventure #comedy #magic #sci-fi #ecchi
tv Chou Kuse ni Narisou
Chou Kuse ni Narisou
<p>Shiratori Nagisa is a pink haired singing idol, continually badgered by her father to find new disciples for the family dojo. In an attempt to gain free-time as a normal kid, she cuts her hair and cross-dresses as a high-school boy. "Ootori Nagisa" enrolls in a run-down school, falling in love with a rival school's gang leader, Nosaka Akira. She soon finds out Nosaka-kun is a fan of Nagisa - The Idol. Keeping up the charade, they manage to sneak time together. Rivals for Nagisa's affection, BOTH their dojo-running fathers, as well as martial artist animals and an up-in-coming Idol conspire to make thier lives a complicated as possible.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.45/10
#comedy #romance #school #slice of life #shoujo
tv Montana Jones
Montana Jones
<p>Boston, 1930: Montana Jones and his cousin professor Alfred Jones travel around the world to search lost treasures in order to bring them to museums. Alfred's mentor professor Gerrit helps them by sending LPs with information. On one trip they meet Melissa, a wealthy reporter, who speaks nearly all languages. She accompanies the two on their trips. Their opponent is Lord Zero, a rich, bizarre art lover and master thief. Lord Zero has two henchmen: Slim and Slam. There is also the inventor Dr. Nitro, who invents strange engines, which to help finding treasures.</p><p> (Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 7.05/10
#adventure #comedy
ova Shin Kujakuou
Shin Kujakuou
<p>A young mystic without a past, Kujaku was born under a dark omen possessed of incredible supernatural powers. Raised by priests, he has learned to use these powers for good. But the evil Siegfried von Mittgard seeks to steal his birthright, and rule the world as the Regent of Darkness. He has dispatched bloodthirsty minions to destroy Kujaku before he can awaken to his destiny. Now, Kujaku must unravel the riddle of his past, before the power within consumes him! </p><p> (Source: AniDB) </p>
finished airing
• 6.12/10
#action #horror #demons
tv Tottemo! Luckyman
Tottemo! Luckyman
<p>This gag comedy series focused on the adventures of a bizarre superhero powered by special cooking and fights against various aliens and other enemies threatening the planet Earth.</p>
finished airing
• 7/10
#comedy #shounen #sci-fi
movie Crayon Shin-chan Movie 02: Buriburi Oukoku no Hihou
Crayon Shin-chan Movie 02: Buriburi Oukoku no Hihou
<p>A band of criminals want to get the treasure of the famous Treasure Island, but the key of the treasure chamber is guarded by a little kid. Then, they come to Japan and kidnap Shinosuke Nohara by mistake, who looks exactly like the little kid who has the key.</p>
finished airing
• 7.05/10
#comedy #ecchi #kids #school #shounen #action #adventure #seinen
tv Shirayuki Hime no Densetsu
Shirayuki Hime no Densetsu
<p>Snow White was a very happy princess, until the day her stepmother, the Queen Christelle, finally reveals her personality and wants to kill the girl. Snow White flees from the castle and got lost in the woods, where she meets seven dwarfs.</p>
finished airing
• 6.72/10
#adventure #fantasy #romance
tv Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai
Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai
<p>Rai is a space opera that fuses feudal Chinese and Japanese customs with vast galaxy spanning empires and space-going societies. The story follows the life and times of the samurai Rai, and the quest of several spacefaring factions for control of territory and, of course, the Empire.</p>
finished airing
• 8.03/10
#adventure #romance #shounen #sci-fi
tv Gene Diver
Gene Diver
<p>Virtual Station is a laboratory with the purpose of gathering and researching DNA. With the information gained through combining old DNA elements, the ancient world was virtually reconstructed. Yui is one of the Gene Divers. She enters the virtual ancient world to collect the DNA of animals that are extinct in reality.</p><p> But then an incident happens. Yui tries to leave the virtual world during a maintenance cycle, but instead of being returned to reality she is transferred to a new virtual present. In this new world, generated by the now uncontrollable system, an intelligent species evolved from rodents, called puglaistig exists. They consider the existence of humankind a serious threat and try to stop human evolution by all means.</p><p> (Source: Kaninona.org)</p>
finished airing
• 6.38/10
#action #adventure #shounen
ova Nana Toshi Monogatari: Hokkyokukai Sensen
Nana Toshi Monogatari: Hokkyokukai Sensen
<p>In 2099, Earth has shifted off its axis and begins to rotate at an angle of 90% to the 20th-century equator. Three years of natural disasters follows, and when things settle down, Earth's ten billion population has died and only two million moon colonists remain.</p><p> Some return to begin the repopulation of the world in seven new cities and the remaining colonists of the moon fear that their former neighbors might pose a threat and construct a ring of defensive satellites to trap them on the newly repopulated homeworld. </p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.33/10
#drama #sci-fi
tv Yamato Takeru
Yamato Takeru
<p>In the 25th century, a spaceship carrying 300 people leaves the earth in search of a new world in the solar system, but an unexpected accident occurs. They crash into a black hole which is connected to another universe. The people on the ship are cast adrift in an emergency capsule to a planet called Ismo. The story begins 12 years after they have reached Ismo.</p><p> Ismo is a star of the Onam System, which corresponds to the Solar System in our universe. It is the only planet left in the Onam System. The Death Star called Yomi is a comet which regularly approaches the Onam System.</p><p> There were once 8 planets in the Onam System. Many years ago, in the time of the gods, there was a war against the evil monster Yamatano Orochi (an 8-headed snake-like creature). The gods won the battle. Yamatano Orochi was locked into 8 stones, one of which is buried deep in the center of each planet. Nobody was supposed to have access to the core of the planets. However Tsukuyomi, an evil god who rules Yomi, succeeded in reaching the stones one after another, destroying 7 of the planets using his powerful robots, the Sky Warriors. However, when he tried to acquire the last stone from the planet Ismo, the most powerful Sky Warrior, Susanoo, got out of control and was blown away.</p><p> A million years later, the Death Star Yomi is approaching the Onam System once again. Tsukuyomi, the master of Yomi, plans to take this opportunity to realize his dream of ruling the entire universe. He is desperate for the last stone containing Yamatano Orochi. If Tsukuyomi can get hold of this stone, Yamatano Orochi will return to life and its power will become his. Tsukuyomi needs Sky Warrior Susanoo to capture the stone, and sends 8 Sky Soldiers to get Susanoo back. But it is too late. Susanoo no longer belongs to Tsukuyomi. It belongs to Takeru, a 13-year-old boy from Earth, who happened to discover the buried robot Susanoo and woke it from its million-year-long sleep. Takeru becomes involved in the battle against the Sky Soldiers and their evil master, Tsukuyomi. Susanoo stands up to protect his friends and their planet.</p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>
finished airing
• 7.01/10
#action #adventure #fantasy #mecha #shounen #magic #sci-fi
ova Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gootaman: Gootaman Tanjou-hen
Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gootaman: Gootaman Tanjou-hen
<p>Mari Amachi is a very devout Christian who transfers to Perfect Religion Academy. A school devoted to all religions of the world in effort to make it's students the next world leaders in religion. Her friend Saori is kidnapped by the Black Buddha cult; a group who wishes to take away religious freedom though force and brainwashing. Mari prays to God for help but Buddha answers the call, instead! Mari aspires only to help her friend and she is transformed into Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gotaman. Between fighting bad guys, making a deal with Buddha, and wearing scandalous costumes, is it more then Mari can take?</p>
finished airing
• 5.28/10
#action #comedy #ecchi #parody
tv Goal FH: Field Hunter
Goal FH: Field Hunter
<p>The story is about Hikaru Tatsumura who came from Brazil to fulfill his dream to be a great soccer player because he met a great player once who was admired by all people. However Tatsumura is a very cheerful person and easy going except when it is about soccer. He becomes serious and strong. He also gives a unique performance such as doing a funny dance with his buddy after he makes a goal. Tatsumura will face a lot of challenges with his team while aiming for success . </p>
finished airing
• 7.04/10
#sports #action
ova Minky Momo in Tabidachi no Eki
Minky Momo in Tabidachi no Eki
<p>It is said that train stations are not only an end and a beginning for many, but also are a place for lost and forgotten objects – and for those who are forgotten. On a rain-soaked day, Minky Momo rides the train towards her final destination and ends up conversing with an old man who is trying to reunite with someone very important to him. After discovering he left his passport on the train, Momo embarks to try to find him and consequently runs into both her parallel self, and a young girl who is in need of both of their help. She has ties to the station, and yearns to find a resolution to her troubles...</p><p> Credit to: anime-planet.com</p>
finished airing
• 6.35/10
#drama #fantasy #shoujo #magic
tv Pacusi
<p> is a story of Pacusi and his family. Little happenings in ordinary days are described. We can enjoy the warmhearted and big strange world of Pacusi.</p>
finished airing
• 5.31/10
movie Sangokushi Daisanbu Harukanaru Taichi
Sangokushi Daisanbu Harukanaru Taichi
<p>An anime based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. </p>
finished airing
• 6.58/10
#action #historical
ova Mars
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p>to update this information.</p>
finished airing
• 6.02/10
#action #mecha #sci-fi #shounen
tv Soccer Fever
Soccer Fever
<p>Together with the hero of this series, Brian Thompson an ex-reporter, we get to relive the great games of the Football World Cup.</p><p>The story begins with the first selection which took place in Uruguay 1930 until 1994 when it was held in the United States. We also get a depiction of Thompson's life from his youth until now.</p><p>We also see the game brilliantly reborn through spectacular players like Franz Beckenbauer, Müller Gard, Eusebio and the greatest of them all, Pelé.</p><p>(Source: A somewhat rough translation of a summary of the series from the French site "Planéte Jeunesse")</p>
finished airing
• 6.42/10
#historical #sports
tv Omakase Scrappers
Omakase Scrappers
<p>Adventures of the Scrappers Rescue Team.</p>
finished airing
• 6.71/10
#adventure #comedy #sci-fi
movie Dohyou no Oni-tachi
Dohyou no Oni-tachi
<p>Animated film about the life of the 45th Yokozuna, Wakanohana Kanji I.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.76/10
#drama #historical #sports
ova Kiki to Lala no Papa to Mama ni Aitai
Kiki to Lala no Papa to Mama ni Aitai
<p>This is one of the happiest days for Kiki and Lala as they receive a present sent to them by their parents.</p>
finished airing
• 5.39/10
movie Osamu to Musashi
Osamu to Musashi
<p>The animation was produced for the Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum, thus it features scenes from the "life and nature" of Tezuka Osamu's childhood, themes that are central to the museum as a whole, through exchanges between the boy Osamu and the carabid beetle (Osamushi) who provided the origin for the artist's name.</p><p>(Source: tezukaosamu.net)</p>
finished airing
• 6.36/10
#adventure #fantasy #kids
movie Dosukoi! Wanpaku Dohyou
Dosukoi! Wanpaku Dohyou
<p>Shown as a double feature with</p> Dohyou no Oni-tachi <p>.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.67/10
#drama #sports
movie J League wo 100-bai Tanoshiku Miru Houhou!!
J League wo 100-bai Tanoshiku Miru Houhou!!
<p>No synopsis information has been added to this title. Help improve our database by adding synopsis</p><p>.</p>
finished airing
• 4.73/10
#comedy #parody #sports
movie Yuu&acirc;˜†Yuu&acirc;˜†Hakusho: Meikai Shitou Hen - Honoo no Kizuna
Yuu&acirc;˜†Yuu&acirc;˜†Hakusho: Meikai Shitou Hen - Honoo no Kizuna
<p>Millennia ago, a war was fought between the Netherworld and the Spirit World. Ultimately, the Netherworld was destroyed and Lord Yakumo, the King of the Netherworld, was banished to the depths of space. Now, five defenders from the Spirit World must team-up against Yakumo's Demon-Gods for possession of five, mystical sites. But Lord Yakumo is dangerously close to reclaiming the Power Sphere—the source of the Netherworld's energy—and once it is again in his possession, our world will become the new Netherworld.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 7.27/10
#action #comedy