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tv Ranma ½
Ranma ½

Ranma Saotome and his father, Genma, both practitioners of the Saotome school of anything-goes martial arts, fall into the cursed springs of the legendary training ground of Jusenkyo in mainland China during a training mission. Each spring holds a different curse for any who come in contact with its water, all of which involve who or what has drowned in the spring in the past - Ranma emerges from the spring a girl and Genma a panda, both now cursed to change forms each time they come in contact with hot and cold water.

At the end of their training mission, Genma decides to take up residence with his old training partner, Soun Tendo, owner of the Tendo dojo and head of the Tendo school of anything-goes martial arts, dragging a reluctant Ranma along with him. Soun and Genma discuss the arrangements they had made in the past involving Ranma becoming engaged to one of Soun's three daughters in order to combine the two schools and allow Ranma to inherit the Tendo dojo. It's informally decided that he is to be engaged to Akane Tendo, Soun's youngest daughter, and the two must put up with one another - and their engagement - as Ranma and his father settle into domestic life at the Tendo household.

finished airing
• 7.83/10
#comedy #fantasy
tv Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z
<p>The Saiyans are coming! The last survivors of a cruel, warrior race, these ruthless villains have carved a path of destruction across the galaxy, and now they have set their sights on Earth! They will stop at nothing until they have the wish-granting powers of the seven magic Dragon Balls for their very own.</p><p> Gokuu along with old and new allies defends the earth against an assortment of villains ranging from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally powerful androids and near indestructible magical creatures. </p><p> While the original Dragon Ball anime followed Gokuu through childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z is a continuation of his adulthood life, but at the same time parallels the maturation of his son, Gohan, as well as other characters from Dragon Ball and more.</p><p> (Source: FUNimation)</p>
finished airing
• 8.27/10
#action #adventure #comedy #shounen
tv Transformers Victory
Transformers Victory
<p>Set in 2025 A.D., Transformers Victory introduces Star Saber, the mightiest Cybertron warrior and the greatest swordsman in the galaxy. The Destrons are continuing to invade planets throughout the universe, so the Cybertrons have joined with the humans to form the Space Defense Force, with Star Saber as its leader. Leading the Destrons is Deathzaras, who has targeted Earth as the next planet to plunder... </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.76/10
#adventure #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
ova Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Gaiden
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Gaiden
<p>Although Talpa has been defeated, the Warriors don't get much of a break. As they celebrate Ryo's birthday party, the news tells them of a strange killer in samurai armor wreaking havoc in New York. And the armor looks very familiar. Now, they will have to battle the ancient sorcerer Shikaisen for Sage's life!</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.79/10
#adventure #fantasy #shounen
movie Sengoku Kitan Youtouden Soushuuhen
Sengoku Kitan Youtouden Soushuuhen
<p>The year a comet races across the sky, splitting the heavens, from the depths of the Earth the dark god shall arise once again. Then, the dark evil lurking in the shadows shall come out of the depths of Hell and show itself in the present world. The emotions of the blade of the wind shall collect at the source of the blue light. And the three blades shall become one, vanquishing evil.</p><p> The year is 1580, and the unholy armies of Lord Nobunaga Oda steadily spread across Japan. Narrowly escaping the slaughter of her clan, a young ninja steals into the shadows. She is Ayame, the last of the Kasumi clan, and the dagger she wields is one of three, mystical blades. She is joined by Sakon and Ryoma, renegade ninja and the possessors of the sacred sword and spear. Now, these shadow warriors must unite their weapons and skills to fulfill `The Prophesy of the Enchanted Swords` or die trying...</p><p> This is a cut version of the earlier OVA.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.01/10
special Lupin III: Bye Bye Liberty - Kiki Ippatsu!
Lupin III: Bye Bye Liberty - Kiki Ippatsu!
<p>In this adventure, Lupin III tries to erase the files about him in the world police network. He finds out about the Ultravirus, a computer virus that controls all others and its location is only known by a little kid. Meanwhile, he steals the Statue of Liberty to look for a diamond the size of a football that is said to be hidden somewhere in it. Apparently, the diamond and the ultravirus are somehow related... </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.92/10
#action #adventure #comedy #shounen
movie City Hunter: Ai to Shukumei no Magnum
City Hunter: Ai to Shukumei no Magnum
<p>A beautiful pianist comes to Tokyo for a charity concert, and City Hunter is there. But music isn`t his forte; he wants lessons in the language of love. Desperation becomes the word of the day as the bodies start dropping. A foreign dignitary is assassinated in cold blood. Secret agents scour the streets for a missing microchip. Diplomatic infighting swirls around the upcoming concert, and City Hunter is the only hope! </p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>
finished airing
• 7.52/10
#action #comedy #mystery #shounen
ova Youma

A terrible war has ravaged the land, and now, fueled by the blood of numerous fallen warriors the Yoma, demons from hell, emerge once more. A skilled ninja seeks to end the bloodshed these demons inflict upon humanity, but to do this he must fight against his undead former best friend and fellow ninja who was killed in battle and has been resurrected to serve the Yoma.

(Source: ANN)

finished airing
• 6.17/10
#action #fantasy #horror #demons
movie Manie-Manie: Meikyuu Monogatari
Manie-Manie: Meikyuu Monogatari
<p>1. Labyrinth Labyrinthos</p><p> A girl and her cat fall through a looking-glass into a dark labyrinth full of strange people.</p><p> 2. Running Man</p><p> In the distant future, a tough racer uses his psychokinetic powers against his opponents during his final race. </p><p> 3. The Order to Stop Construction</p><p> A snooty salaryman is sent by his bosses to the jungle to stop a completely automated construction job, and spends several days there arguing with the robots.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7.07/10
#adventure #fantasy #horror #sci-fi
tv Tenkuu Senki Shurato
Tenkuu Senki Shurato
A 16-year-old boy named Shurato and his friend Gai happen to be drawn into a gigantic ball of light while competing in the final match of a martial arts tournament. When they regain their senses, they find themselves transferred to a mystic heavenly sphere with a divine atmosphere. It's soon discovered that Shurato used to be the governing king of this world and that he has only been brought to his original state. Shurato is shocked as Gai suddenly turns hostile. After this unfortunate incident, a spectacular yet fantastic drama develops involving the two.

(Source: ANN)
finished airing
• 7.33/10
#action #fantasy #shounen #magic
ova Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk II
Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk II
<p>Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk II delivers with more tongue-in-cheek humor than the first series. In "The Rolling Colony Affair," a colony is hosting a cabaret show featuring the girls of Gundam. But the show turns disastrous when men and mobile suits go crazy over the girls, sending the colony rolling out of control. A parody of the videogame RPG genre, "Gundam Legend" has Amuro, Kamille and Judau sent on a perilous quest to rescue the princess of the Zeta Kingdom from Char Aznable and his vicious Zeon MS forces. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.39/10
#mecha #parody #sci-fi
ova Cleopatra D.C.
Cleopatra D.C.
<p>The Cleopatra Corns Group, aka Cleopatra DC, is a powerful financial conglomerate controlling most of the United States economy, almost as powerful as the US government itself. At the top of the organization is the beautiful, smart and brave Ms. Cleo, the Group's young, talented Chairman. This is good--it means she can handle the repair bill when that airplane crashes into her bedroom. With stolen artifacts, corporate kidnappings, and top-secret cyborg projects gone awry, her luck only gets worse from there. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 5.96/10
#action #adventure #sci-fi
tv Chiisana Ahiru no Ooki na Ai no Monogatari: Ahiru no Kwak
Chiisana Ahiru no Ooki na Ai no Monogatari: Ahiru no Kwak
<p>Alfred J Kwak (Dutch, it takes place in Holland) lost his parents, brothers and sisters when he was young. He was raised by a mole. The series covers the life of Alfred from the day he is born. In his life Alfred tries to help all sorts of animals all over the world. The series are meant to entertain children and teach children about life, covering historical aspects like WW II. </p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 7.38/10
#adventure #comedy #drama #fantasy #kids
tv Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
<p>In the future, the moon is a habitable place with atmosphere and gravity and also a famous tourist attraction. There are also stories about a "long ears" creature like rabbits on the moon who can use magic. Haruka Daichi heads off to the moon during a summer holiday alone because he likes to see the long ears creature by himself.</p><p> However, he get himself dragged into an ancient conflict between two ancient moon races: the "long ears" race and Jado race. Jado race wanted to conquer the universe and resurrect ancient evil powers to seize control of the Earth. Now the "long ears" race and Daichi must seek three warriors who could use magic to release Mado King to fight Jado race and to release "long ears" race's kingdom, Rabiluna, from Jado race.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 7.23/10
#action #comedy #fantasy #mecha #shounen #magic #sci-fi
tv Idol Densetsu Eriko
Idol Densetsu Eriko
<p>Eriko Tamura is Kousuke Tamura, the chairman of Tamura Productions (reknown music company) and Minako Tamura's (former famous idol singer) only daughter. Having talent for singing since birth, she has always loved her parent's media world. Then one day tragedy strikes when her parents get into a horrible car accident, which kills her father and leaves her mother in coma. She is left in her father's best friend, Mr. Uchida's care. Now Eriko must take the path of singing, a path her parents did not want her to pursue. Then her uncle is out to destroy her career. But in spite of all the hardship, she becomes an idol and wins hearts all over Japan.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 6.88/10
movie Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Nara Onryou Emaki
Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Nara Onryou Emaki
<p>Shoko and Maiko Ougi are apparently two ordinary schoolgirls in pursuit of graduating and having fun. Shii-chan is the more serious while Mai-chan is more fun-loving. In reality, the two sisters are powerful exorcists from the Karura temple. Each wields half the power...Shii-chan can "see" the spirits, and Mai-chan can banish them. This is the movie adaptation of a spooky series with heavy emphasis on traditionally Japanese occult themes. </p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo's Karura Mau OVA description; modified)</p>
finished airing
• 5.93/10
#action #adventure #fantasy #horror #shoujo #demons
ova Riki-Oh: Toukatsu Jigoku
Riki-Oh: Toukatsu Jigoku
<p>A Retelling of the prison arc of the manga RIKI-OH!</p><p> The story follows Saiga Riki-Oh, a young man blessed with inhuman strength. After taking revenge against a yakuza boss who was responsible for the death of his girlfriend, he ends up in a maximum security prison owned by a private organization. </p><p> The prison is divided into four blocks, each run by a member of prisoners known as the Gang of Four. The first member is a tattooed knife wielder known as Hai that runs his block in a mafia style family system. The second member is a giant man (known as Tarzan in the live action) with incredible strength. The third member is a effeminate fighter named Huang Chaun that is growing Opium in the prison. The final member is a small man that use sewing needles as his weapons. </p>
finished airing
• 6.09/10
#action #seinen
tv Aoi Blink
Aoi Blink
<p>Story of a young boy named Kakeru and his adventures together with a magical blue pony named Blink.</p>
finished airing
• 6.89/10
#adventure #fantasy
tv Juushin Liger
Juushin Liger
<p>It is 199X A.D. In Kushiro, Hokkaido, three bodies of Dragonite appear. Possessing overwhelming destructive force, they attack the city. They also awaken the evil Jashin Drago from the holy seal he was trapped in. 200 years ago, Drago was trapped in the seal by a holy warrior with the tattooed mark of the Liger. Assuming that the warrior is dead, Drago and Empress Zara are free to conquer the Earth using their army of biomechanical beasts. Even the Japan Self-Defense Forces are no match for the Dragonites' awesome power. One of the people fleeing is the protagonist, a milquetoast 16 year old boy named Ken Taiga. Unbeknownst to the Dragonites, Ken realizes that he is the descendant of the Liger warrior! In a burst of anger, Ken's Liger birthmark appears, and he rises his palm into the air, shouting the henshin command, "LIGER!!!", which then covers him in demonic long-haired biomechanical armor. Ken transforms into Jushin Liger to fight the evil forces of the Dragonite! </p><p> (Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 6.71/10
#action #mecha #sci-fi
ova Explorer Woman Ray
Explorer Woman Ray
<p>She's an archeologist AND a black belt and Ray Kazuki will need her brains and her brawn as she plunges into a thrill-filled adventure. Ray's examining an exciting new archeological discovery: a legendary temple located in an isolated area of the world. </p><p> As always, she has with her a strange mirror that belonged to her father; a mirror that may provide access to a vanished civilization. On the excavation, Ray meets Mai and Mami Tachibana, freewheeling pubescent girls who heedlessly court danger. And danger they find, in the form of Rig Veda. </p><p> Veda's after a big prize: Ray's mirror. But she will have to stop him at all costs, because if Veda gets his hands on the powerful object, he will possess secrets that could lead to disaster.</p>
finished airing
• 5.4/10
#action #adventure
ova Fuuma no Kojirou: Yasha-hen
Fuuma no Kojirou: Yasha-hen
<p>Hakuo Gakuin is on the verge of closing down due to students transferring to rival school Seishikan after mysterious injuries happening to students who refuse to transfer. To protect the school and its students they hire Kojiro, a member of the Fuma clan of ninjas. After finding out that Seishikan has enlisted the help of the Yasha ninja clan, who had been rivals with the Fuma for generations, Kojiro gains the help of his fellow Fuma ninjas. Even though they are hired to protect the schools, the two rival clans vow to destroy each other once and for all so that only one clan remains.</p><p> (Source: ANN) </p>
finished airing
• 6.72/10
tv Miracle Giants Doumu-kun
Miracle Giants Doumu-kun
<p>Dome Shinjo, a 10-year-old boy who is son of a deceased legendary player of the Yomiuri Giants. From his father he inherited the love for baseball and his great abilities for such sport, although his mother and his older sister try to avoid that he practices it. In fact, his father, before dying, had time to teach him a magical shoot. Dome, after his mother gave him the glove his father used, he makes that shot in a training session of the Giants and is contracted immediately. With the support of the veteran players of the team, this young player will, from this very moment, make the Giants become unbeatable at home and none of the main batters of the Japanese professional league manages to end with his magical shot. Although that does not apply to the games played away, as Dome is just allowed to play at home, in the Tokyo Dome in which his father was consacrated (and the place by which he did chose such name for his son). When the veteran captain of the Dragons manages to bat his shot, it seems that the young boy is finally and definitely defeated, but then he invents another magical shot. New rivals, but also friends (such as Melody Norman, an American girl who disguises herself as a boy because women can't play baseball), will appear in scene, until the arrival of the mysterious Don Carlos, a Spanish ex-bullfighter who plays for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and seems to have something pending with his father. Will Dome succeed in giving the league to the Giants? </p><p> (Source: Wikipedia) </p>
finished airing
• 7.39/10
ova Hoshi Neko Fullhouse
Hoshi Neko Fullhouse
<p>This slapstick comedy is about three pretty girls struggling to earn a living as pilots of the Iron Goblin delivery vessel. The computer answers back, the space pirates are on their tail, and romantic entanglements with their clients cause friction in the trio. The final episode throws the alien Eterna race in to the mix.</p><p> (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)</p>
finished airing
• 5.88/10
#comedy #romance #sci-fi
movie Cynical Hysterie Hour: Yoru wa Tanoshii
Cynical Hysterie Hour: Yoru wa Tanoshii
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p> to update this information.</p>
finished airing
• 5.67/10
movie Cynical Hysterie Hour: Utakata no Uta
Cynical Hysterie Hour: Utakata no Uta
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p> to update this information.</p>
finished airing
• 5.51/10
ova Beat Shot!!
Beat Shot!!
<p>Expert linksman Akihilo joins the university golf club at the same time as maverick golfer Akikazu. The pair often tee off against each other, though Akikazu is distracted by the charms of his opponent's beautiful caddy, Misako.</p><p> (Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.5/10
#ecchi #sports
tv Akuma-kun
<p>The age of the demons has begun. Dr Faust has foreseen this rise of evil. Unfortunately, he is near death and is unable to personally battle this upcoming threat. Faust entrusts a young boy, Shingo Yamada, to take the responsibility of ridding the Earth of this new evil presence. Faust finds a birthmark on Shingo's forehead that signifies that he is the chosen demon fighter. Faust summons from hell what may be humanity's only hope of surviving: a less than enthusiastic devil named Mephisto rises. After signing a pact in blood to save humankind, Shingo and Mephisto set out to battle the supernatural world.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 6.4/10
#adventure #fantasy #horror #magic
tv Biriken Nandemo Shoukai
Biriken Nandemo Shoukai
<p>The sequel to</p> Biriken <p>series.</p>
finished airing
• 4.5/10
#comedy #kids
tv Shin Bikkuriman
Shin Bikkuriman
<p>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.</p><p>to update this information.</p>
finished airing
• 5.43/10
#comedy #fantasy
ova Burning Village
Burning Village
<p>Animal folk tales set in the titular community, in which local eccentric Ohahai retells several popular fairy tales with considerable license.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.65/10
#fantasy #horror
ova Shougeki Shinsengumi
Shougeki Shinsengumi
<p>A slapstick OVA featuring super deformed members of the Shinsengumi members</p>
finished airing
• 6/10
#comedy #historical
movie Ultraman USA
Ultraman USA
<p>The lives of three stunt pilots (Scott, Chuck, and Beth) are changed when they gain the ability to transform into three new Ultra-beings, and form the Ultra Force, to battle four giant Sorkin Monsters.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>
finished airing
• 5.84/10
#action #adventure #sci-fi
ova Toki-iro Kaima
Toki-iro Kaima
<p>Anime adaptation of the same name horror manga by Suzumiya Wayu, serialized in Shogakuan's Weekly Shonen Sunday special issue.</p>
finished airing
• 5.4/10
#horror #shounen
ova Ooedo Torimonochou: Nezumi Kozou
Ooedo Torimonochou: Nezumi Kozou
<p>Sanrio's detective short featuring the a real historical character, Nezumi Kozou.</p>
finished airing
• 6.71/10
#mystery #historical #kids