spring 1966 Season

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tv Jungle Taitei
Jungle Taitei
<p>This is the story about a white lion, Leo, living in Africa.</p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p><p> Note: </p><p> was the first full-color TV anime.</p>
finished airing
• 6.69/10
#adventure #kids #shounen
tv Astro Boy
Astro Boy
<p>Astro Boy was created by Doctor Boyton when his son Toby died in a car accident. Astro is an exact match for Toby. And was originally called Toby by his "father".</p><p> When Astro was first built, Doctor Boyton wanted to keep him a secret. But people eventually found about him and he became a hero.</p><p> Astro was separated from his father during a cruise. Astro saved the ship from some ice burgs, when he returned, his father had disappeared. Astro was tricked into signing himself over to a robot circus. It was in the robot circus that he met Kathy, who gave Astro his name; Astro Boy.</p><p> After the Robot Circus, Astro was taken back to Japan by Doctor Elefan, a scientist who had recently been appointed head of the Ministry of Science.</p><p> Astro went to school and eventually, Doctor Elefan built parents for Astro. Astro now lives with them and his dog, Jump.</p><p> Later, Doctor Elefan built a sister for Astro and called her Uran. Uran is a very mischievous girl and often gets herself and Astro into a lot of trouble. </p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>
finished airing
• 7.23/10
#action #adventure #drama #mecha #shounen #sci-fi
tv Wonder 3
Wonder 3
<p>Wonder 3 is an Osamu Tezuka manga and a black and white anime series. It involved the adventures of three agents from outer space who were sent to Earth to determine whether the planet, a potential threat to the universe, should be destroyed. The instrument of destruction is a device resembling a large black ball with two antennae that is variously called an anti-proton bomb, a solar bomb, and a neutron bomb. Although the three agents (Captain Bokko, Nokko, and Pukko) are originally humanoid in appearance, upon arrival on Earth they take on the appearances of a rabbit (Bokko), a horse (Nokko), and a duck (Pukko) that they had captured as examples of Earth life forms. While on Earth they travel in a tire-shaped vehicle capable of enormous speeds called the Big Wheel, which can travel on both land and water (and, with modifications, through the air).</p><p> The series tackles a number of issues which were surprisingly progressive for an animated cartoon of that period; particularly ecological concerns and poverty.</p><p> (Source: Wikipedia)</p>
finished airing
• 6.43/10
#action #adventure #comedy #sci-fi
tv Yuusei Shounen Papii
Yuusei Shounen Papii
<p>Tells the story of a member of the Universal Peace Corps from the Planet Radion coming to Earth on a mission to determine if this world meets standards for membership in the Galactic Union of Worlds and assist its inhabitants during his stay. While on his mission Prince Planet adopts the identity of an Earth boy named Bobby and gains comrades who work together alongside him combating evil forces both alien and terrestrial. </p><p> (Source: Wikipedia) </p>
finished airing
• 6.22/10
#action #sci-fi
tv Kaizoku Ouji
Kaizoku Ouji
<p>Kid was brought up on a small island which floats on the Carribean Sea. He lives a pleasant life with many animals as his companions. However, this changes when he learns that his dying father is not his real father. Before he passes away, his foster father reveals to Kid that his real father is actually Captain Morgan, the pirate who rules the seven seas.</p><p>Kid decides to set off in search of his real father, only to learn about his death. Other pirates began to hunger for the title of ruler, one of them being the notorious pirate Tiger Hook. In order to protect the seas, Kid became the pirate king of his father's ship.</p><p>(Source: ANN)</p>
finished airing
• 7/10
#adventure #shounen
special Gokuu no Daibouken Pilot
Gokuu no Daibouken Pilot
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finished airing
• 5.79/10
#comedy #fantasy