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movie Arabian Nights: Sindbad no Bouken
Arabian Nights: Sindbad no Bouken
<p>This is a work by Toei Animation Co., Ltd. with screenplay by Tezuka Osamu in cooperation with novelist Kita Morio. Sinbad and a boy, Ali, are stowaways on the transport ship "Boulder," but they win their proper places on the ship after currying the favor of the captain.</p><p>Then the beautiful princess Samir jumps on board to escape a wicked minister who wants to marry her, and Sinbad goes through a series of adventures to protect the princess.</p><p>The story unfolds with ups and downs, full of dramatic episodes from the original story such as a rough-and-tumble battle with a strange bird that is guarding diamonds.</p>
finished airing
• 5.7/10
#action #adventure #fantasy
movie Tanoshii Bunmeishi: Tetsu Monogatari
Tanoshii Bunmeishi: Tetsu Monogatari
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finished airing
• 5.25/10