Saishuu Shiken Kujira Progressive

Saishuu Shiken Kujira Progressive photo
Type OVA
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 30 min. per episode
Air Date Mar 26, 2008
Season winter 2008
Producers Starchild Records, Zexcs
Genres drama romance


<p>In the past Mutsumi (Mucchan) and Sae (Sacchan) met. Enjoying the time together, they decided to meet again and chose a place. Mucchan, however, never came to that place.</p><p> A few years later he passed through that place on his way to school, and met Sacchan, who had been waiting for him for all those years. And so, they start playing together again. However, it won't last so long, because...</p>

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