Saint Seiya: The Heaven Chapter - Overture

Saint Seiya: The Heaven Chapter - Overture photo
English title Saint Seiya: The Heaven Chapter - Overture
Japanese Title 聖闘士星矢 天界編 序奏 ~overture~
Type movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 80
Air Date 2004-02-14
End Date 2017-12-31
Producers Shueisha
Producers Toei Animation

<p>After the Saints' victory against Hades, Seiya is left wounded and motionless in a wheel chair with no possible chance of recovery. Athena's sister Artemis, the Virgin Goddess of the Moon and twin sister of Apollo, makes an elaborate proposal - to restore Seiya's physical health in exchange for the supremacy of Sanctuary. Athena accepts and Artemis and her "Knights of the Sky" swiftly take control of Sanctuary. Now Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints combat the forces of Zeus to regain their homeland but it will not be so easy. Bronze Saints Hydra Ichi and Unicorn Jabu, and Silver Saint Ophiuchus Shaina have join forces with Artemis and Apollo. </p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>



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