Saint October

Saint October photo
Type TV
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 25 min. per episode
Air Date Jan 5, 2007
Season winter 2007
Producers Konami, Studio Comet, Yomiko Advertising, Delphi Sound


<p>Whether it is the future or the past it is the world of fantasy and horror hiding in the shadow of the demon city. In the city, consecutive mysterious incidents that cannot be solved by science have occurred. To solve the incidents, they gather three girl detectives possessing special abilities.</p><p> Hayama Kotono. She is an orphan living in a convent.</p><p> Shirafuji Natuski. She is Kotono's classmate and a pop idol.</p><p> Hijiri Misaki. She is a mysterious girl who fights against nightmares of her previous life.</p><p> Those who want to bring the Judgement Day to the world.</p><p> Those who want to save the world.</p><p> Which is justice, and which is evil?</p><p> When Kotono encounters a boy who lost his memory, the wheel of the story begins to move but slowly. Then, solving the mysteries, the three girls will confront the fate that will influence the existence of the human beings.</p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>

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