Revbahaf Wang-gug Jaegeon-soelgi

Revbahaf Wang-gug Jaegeon-soelgi photo
Japanese Title ルブバハフ王国再建設記
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 20
Air Date 2007-05-21
End Date 2007-11-26
Producers Studio Kaab

<p>Three people are hiding out in a cabin by the foothills. Van is the prince from the now-defunct Revbahaf Kingdom, Kona – his hand maiden, and Sian – his philosopher and tutor. Chased by enemies, these three individuals earn the kindness of Aaron, who feeds them at the cabin. By helping out with Aaron’s chores, the former royal family learns to live a peaceful life getting by, rather than plotting a revenge on the neighboring country which invaded them. Together they try to rebuild the Kingdom of Revbahaf.</p><p>(Source: Manhwa101)</p>

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