RESTOL: Special Rescue Team

RESTOL: Special Rescue Team photo
English title RESTOL
Japanese Title 装甲救助部隊レストル
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 25
Air Date 1999-01-29
End Date 1999-07-23

<p>It is the year 2035, a world filled with advanced science and technology, sophisticated computer systems, audio/video multimedia converstions,world government unification, network wars by hackers, and the future world controlled by one huge multinational company. A 14-year old named Kang Maru, a boy with excellent manuevering skills in a RESTOL simulation game, was chosen by GEONOID, a company with the task of protecting the earth against natural calamities, to pilot RESTOL 03, one of the 5 RESTOLs, to rescue people in different calamities. Now, he and his teammates faces different challenges in their duty, including being hacked their space-based rescue station R-SAT.</p>

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