Pony Metal U-GAIM Promotion Film

Pony Metal U-GAIM Promotion Film photo
Type Special
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 2 min. per episode
Air Date 1986
Producers Anime R


<p>This is a short little pilot film inserting Yuu Morisawa, the heroine of Creamy Mami, into the mecha world of Heavy Metal L-Gaim.</p><p>After Yuu Morisawa is killed in a car accident, she is rebuilt as Pony Metal U-GAIM in a scenario à la Astroboy. Put to a high-energy Japanese pop song, this experimental mishmash of genres was the brainchild of studio Anime R.</p><p>The series was never made for copyright reasons, and this pilot film is all that remains alongside a handful of merchandise.</p>

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