Ozma photo
Type TV
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 24 min. per episode
Air Date Mar 16, 2012
Season spring 2012
Producers Gonzo, WOWOW, Pony Canyon, Planet, LandQ studios, Viki, Slowcurve, Cyclone Graphics inc
Genres sci-fi


<p>In the far future, the elevated irradiation from the sun has destroyed the environment of the earth and the birthrate of humans has drastically decreased. The government controls society with an army of cloned soldiers called "Ideal Children (IC)". Sam Coyne is a trader in a desert. One day, he saves a beautiful woman Maya, who has been chased by Theseus, a corps of IC. He shelters her in his trade ship, but the destroyers of Theseus surround Sam and Maya.</p>

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