Owarimonogatari photo
English title Owarimonogatari
Japanese Title 終物語
Type TV
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration Unknown
Air Date 2015-10-04
End Date 2015-12-20
Season fall 2015
Producers Aniplex
Genres comedy mystery


By Koyomi Araragi’s third year in high school, he has found himself in quite a number of odd circumstances and equally odd relationships with various girls, all of whom have been struck with some sort of mystical malady.

Koyomi now faces the most interesting girl he’s ever come across, the first year transfer student, Ougi Oshino. Her odd, emotionless demeanor and knowledge of the paranormal is curious enough, but the fact that she also knows about Koyomi’s partially vampiric blood is even more confounding.

Together, the two will discover elements of both Koyomi and his companions' pasts. And unfortunately, Koyomi will also discover that said past can come back to haunt him in frighteningly dangerous ways.

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