Owanko photo
Type ONA
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 1 min. per episode
Air Date Nov 22, 2012
Season fall 2012
Producers Production Reed
Genres comedy


<p>He wears a bowl on his head and dances to the rhythms of Samba! What in the world is this creature? It is Owanco! He is a fairy dog who wears a bowl like a hat.</p><p>He loves food so much that he transforms himself into whatever food he pleases. His biggest fan and the admirer of tea-cupped-poodle, "Pooko-chan" and his rival cat, "Nori-Tama" (Nori=seaweed, Tama=the most typical name for cats in Japan) will join the fun ride.</p><p>By the way, what's for dinner tonight?</p><p>(Source: Official YouTube Channel)</p>

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