Oni no Ko to Yuki Usagi

Oni no Ko to Yuki Usagi photo
Type Movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 22 min. per episode
Air Date May 28, 2013
Season spring 2013
Producers Kyowa Film


<p>One night a Goblin father came home gave his son a red handball.</p><p>But the boy was shocked to hear that his father picked it up in front of the house of a girl called Yuki</p><p>The boy decided to return it to her.</p><p>Next morning, he ran in the snow to a village and saw many boys and girls singing cheerfully.</p><p>When he came to a small house, he saw a girl sitting alone on the veranda.</p><p>She said, "I am Yuki. Who are you?"</p><p>He handed a ball to her without an answer.</p><p>She was very glad and said " I was looking for it. My sickly mother made this for me.</p><p>Thank you very much."</p><p>That gave him relief and they become friends.</p><p>(Source: Kyowa Film)</p>

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