Ojarumaru photo
English title Prince Mackaroo
Japanese Title おじゃる丸
Type TV
Airing Status Airing
Duration 10
Air Date 1998-10-05
End Date 2015-02-07
Season summer 2017
Producers NHK


In the Heian era, around 1000 years ago, a young boy of noble family named Ojarumaru is bored with his life of privilege. Meanwhile, three demons steal the power-stick of Enma, king of demons, and then lose it. Ojarumaru finds it, and uses it to transport himself to the present time. Here, he is befriended by a young boy named Kazuma, and becomes a member of his family. As time goes on, Ojarumaru makes many new friends, while dodging the comedic efforts of the three demons, Akane, Kisuke, and Aobee, as they try to recover the stick. (from ANN)

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