Oira Sukeban

Oira Sukeban photo
Japanese Title おいら女蛮[スケバン]
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 43
Air Date 1992-08-21
End Date 2018-01-01
Producers Studio Signal Dynamic Planning

<p>Does being the only guy in an all girl school sound like paradise? It might be, if the girls knew you were a guy, but to stay in school teenage pervert Banji can't let can't let anyone find out his chromosomes don't match. Banji's status conscious parents want him to go to a good school, but not enough to spend the money on a good co-ed school. Now, in addition to studying math and science, Banji has to learn how to put on a bra and makeup. His life has become a living hell. Not only is he at the bottom of the social pecking order, he must also got to conceal his inner-masculinity from the pretty classmate girl who's stolen his heart while avoiding the female bullies who threaten to expose his less-than-feminine charms in the locker room.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>

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"Oira Sukeban: Taiatari no Yuuki (おいら女蛮★体当たりの勇気★)" by 原田和代


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