Oi! Ryouma

Oi! Ryouma photo
English title Rainbow Samurai
Japanese Title お〜い!竜馬
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 25
Air Date 1992-04-07
End Date 1993-03-30

<p>In the middle of the 19th century, Japan was still closed off from the outside world. There were just the beginning signs of reformation in the long regime of Shogun Tokugawa.</p><p>In the remote countryside, on the island of Shikoko, a young boy named Ryoma is growing up in a lower-class Samurai family. A decade later, he is to become on of the leading figures to topple the Shogun's reign and open Japan to the western world.</p><p>Our story begins with Ryoma, a dreaming kid of seven years. Ryoma is an honest and tenderd-hearted boy who hates any sort of violence and brutality. He is so sensitive, and a bit naive, that he often cries from pity when he sees even the simples act of violence such as another kid trampling a tiny insect. The kids and even his family call him a "cry baby". However, he is not a coward -- not a "chicken" at all. His distress comes from a desire to prevent unreasonable acts and the wrong doings in life.</p><p>His older sister is the only person who understands his depth. She recognizes that her brother is gifted with a special talent and she does her best to protect him and cheer him up.</p><p>(Source: Enoki Films USA)</p>

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