Nerima Daikon Brothers

Nerima Daikon Brothers photo
English title Nerima Daikon Brothers
Japanese Title 練馬大根ブラザーズ
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 24
Air Date 2006-01-09
End Date 2006-03-27
Producers Aniplex
Producers Studio Hibari
Genres comedy music

<p>Hideki, leader of the Nerima Daikon Brothers, has a dream to build a dome in his hometown of Nerima to hold a concert for his band. Together with his cousin, Mako (whom he has a crush on), Ichiro, and Pandaikon (a panda he found in his yard that resembles a daikon), they strive to make money any way they can, and in the process, rid the world of evil-doers and steal their money in the process. With help from a rental guy, Nabeshin, who rents them outrageous items that always seem to help them defeat the bad guys, the Nerima Daikon Brothers sing their way to victory but always manage to lose the money they stole in the end. Even under the investigation of Inspector Karakuri, they never fail to fight for justice the Nerima-Daikon way.</p>

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