Mirai Koushi Harima SACLA

Mirai Koushi Harima SACLA photo
Type ONA
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 1 min. per episode
Air Date Dec 2, 2013
Season fall 2013
Producers Kamikaze Douga
Genres music sci-fi


<p>The Japanese research lab SACLA has released a short anime titled "Future Photon Harima Sakura" to promote their X-ray Free Electron Laser (X-FEL), the brightest x-ray source in the world.</p><p>As described on her official webpage, the feature character Harima Sakura is a G4-type Picodroid, a living entity with self-learning and evolutionary capability. She can shrink down and dive into the world of atoms, invisible to the human eye, known as the "Pico Universe." Her athletic ability is very high. In cooperation with a variety of researchers and scientists, she explores the world inside atoms with a strong sense of justice.</p><p>(Source: MAL)</p>

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