Mars of Destruction

Mars of Destruction photo
English title Mars of Destruction
Japanese Title 破滅のマルス
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 19
Air Date 2005-07-06
End Date 2017-12-31
Producers Idea Factory King Records Design Factory
Producers WAO World
Genres horror sci-fi

<p>In 2010 a manned probe sent from the Earth to investigate Mars explodes in the Earth atmosphere and fragments which contain a DNA sample of what is thought to be a trace to possible Mars inhabitants falls on Japan.</p><p> That causes mutations all over Japan. People who are infected by the "virus" are called the Iseki-jin (relic persons). The AAST is founded, obtaining the cooperation of structure Doctor Hiroshi Hyuga they develop a suit, "Mars," as a trump card against the Iseki-jin.</p><p> The carrier of the suit obtains super powers, but only a few people, who are DNA compatible with the suit, are able to wear it. Takeru, the son of the doctor, was the first person able to wear it.</p><p> While the fragment which fell on Earth is being transported to a laboratory in the USA to be analyzed the transport gets attacked by the Iseki-jin and now Takeru has to fight and defend it for a final solution in this incident.</p><p> (Source: AniDB, edited)</p>

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