Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl OVA

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl OVA photo
English title Girl Meets Girl
Japanese Title かしまし ~ガール・ミーツ・ガール~
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 26
Air Date 2006-10-27
End Date 2017-12-31
Producers Bandai Visual Lantis
Producers Studio Hibari

<p>This is an OVA released on October 27th, 2006. It is also classified as the 13th episode (thus a sequel) to Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~.</p><p> Hazumu confessed his love to Yasuna, but she turned him down him. To ease his heartbreak, he went to Mt. Kashimayama where he had met her first. However he lost his way in the mountain, and it was night time. He saw a big shooting star, and when he began to wish, he found out that something was wrong. It was not a shooting star, but it was a falling space ship. He was involved in the crash, but he managed to survive by the help of an alien. However, he became a girl due to the accident during the reconstruction of his body.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>

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