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Kago Shintarou Anime Sakuhin Shuu

Kago Shintarou Anime Sakuhin Shuu photo
Type OVA
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 2 min. per episode
Air Date 2008


<p>In these jokey short films, many of them crudely animated, Kago's sick sense of humor reaches its full heights of absurdity. There's a playful surrealist sensibility to Kago's work, as well as a tendency to revel in the ridiculous, the crude and the disturbing. His work straddles a weird boundary between avant-garde experimentation and low-brow fart jokes—the punchline of one of these films is literally an oozing torrent of shit—although, admittedly, his videos seem to lean a bit more heavily towards the fart jokes than his comics. But hey, who doesn't appreciate a good fart joke once in a while?</p><p>(Source: Only the Cinema blog)</p>

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