Ghost Messenger

Ghost Messenger photo
Japanese Title 고스트 메신저
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 35
Air Date 2010-12-21
End Date 2014-08-19
Producers Studio Animal
Genres action fantasy

<p>Ghost Messengers are super-power agents from the underground world called the World of Death. The World of Death is a digitalized world with cutting-edge technologies that control and manage the life and death of all living things based on its elaborate systems.</p><p>Our Ghost Messenger hero, Kang-lim, has been dispatched to the human world to capture the remaining ghosts who are refusing to go to the World of Death although it is their time.</p><p>An accident occurs during his mission and Kang-lim gets captured in his own mobile phone. Little Kang-lim, a human boy who has extraordinary spiritual powers, finds the mobile phone and takes GhostMessenger Kang-lim out from the mobile phone.</p><p>And the adventure begins.</p><p>(Source: Anime World Network)</p>

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