Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! Gekitou Pennant Race

Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! Gekitou Pennant Race photo
Type movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 1
Air Date -0001-11-30
End Date -0001-11-30
Genres comedy sports

<p>Based on Ishii Hisaichi's 1979 manga</p> Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! <p>, serialized in weekly Manga Action magazine.</p><p>The Seibu Lions baseball team makes it to the next round of a baseball tournament thanks to the heroic efforts of its star player, Tabuchi, but the next stage will involve hard work and cooperation. In a sports anime that pitches caricatures of real-life players against cartoon characters, the Lions (whose real-life mascot is the grown-up Kimba the White Lion), keep losing games due to Tabuchi's poor condition-his shadow is getting paler.</p><p>A group of fellow players turns up at the stadium, accompanied by Dokaben, and they encourage Tabuchi to pull through. They organize a Tabuchi Day to show him how appreciated he is, but it is a miserable failure.</p><p>Eventually, he is brought out of his depression by the arrival of a girl called Miyoko, who obliges by dressing up as a cheerleader.</p><p>Note: Real-life members of the Seibu Lions baseball team are caricatured.</p><p>(Source: AniDB)</p>

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