Eun-sil-i photo
Type Movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 1 hr. 2 min.
Air Date Nov 4, 2011
Season fall 2011
Genres drama


<p>In-hye and Sun-mi visit their hometown, a small and quiet village in the countryside, after a long time only to face unexpected news: their old friend Eun-sil died while giving birth. The town is left in an uproar because of the baby, whose father is unknown, and it is neglected, protected by no one. While In-hye and Sun-mi try to save the baby with the help of Ji-young, their friend who has stayed in town, they find out that Eun-sil, who was mentally retarded, was a plaything of the village. In-hye and Sun-mi are troubled with the rage they feel against the village people and the guilty conscience they feel towards Eun-sil. Although they abandoned Eun-sil in the past, will they be able to protect her baby until the end?</p><p>(Source: HanCinema)</p>

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